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Ayres, Philip

(1638 – 1712),poet and translator

Earliest work:Lyric Poems(1687)

Latest work:Lyric Poems(1687)

Bacon, Francis, Viscount St Alban

(1561 – 1626),lord chancellor, politician, and philosopher

Earliest work:Letter of advice to the queen(1584)

Latest work:To Elizabeth Stuart (16 September)(1625)

Barnes, William

(1801 – 1886),poet and philologist

Earliest work:Eclogue: The Common A-Took In(1834)

Latest work:A Glossary of the Dorset Dialect of the English Language(1844)

Batteux, Charles

(1713 – 1780),philosopher

Earliest work:The Fine Arts Reduced to a Single Principle(1746)

Latest work:The Fine Arts Reduced to a Single Principle(1746)

Baxter, Richard

(1615 – 1691),ejected minister and religious writer

Earliest work:To Benjamin Cox Coventry?, 4 July(1644)

Latest work:To Stephen Lobb post 4 September(1691)

Benlowes, Edward

(1602 – 1676),poet

Earliest work:Theophila(1652)

Latest work:The Summary of Wisdom(1657)

Bentham, Jeremy

(1748 – 1832),philosopher, jurist, and reformer

Earliest work:Jeremy Bentham to Rebecca Bentham(1752)

Latest work:To Thomas Galloway(1828)

Best, Henry

(c.1592 – 1645),landowner and farmer

Earliest work:The Farming Book(1645)

Latest work:Will of Henry Best(1645)

Blake, William

(1757 – 1827),engraver, artist, and poet

Earliest work:Blake to Willey Reveley, October(1791)

Latest work:Blake to John Linnell, 3 July 1827(1827)

Bolzano, Bernard

(1781 – 1848),moral philosopher and epistemologist

Earliest work:Theory of Science(1830)

Latest work:Theory of Science(1830)