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Boswell, James

(1740 – 1795),lawyer, diarist, and biographer of Samuel Johnson

Earliest work:28 August 1769 From James Boswell(1769)

Latest work:A Journey into North Wales in the Year 1774(1774)

Bosworth, William

(d. in or before 1651),poet

Earliest work:Arcadius and Sepha(1626)

Latest work:Hinc Lachrimae, Or the Author to Aurora(1627)

Brontë, Anne

(1820 – 1849),novelist and poet

Earliest work:Anne Brontë Diary Paper 30 July 1841(1841)

Latest work:Anne Brontë To Ellen Nussey, 5 April 1849(1849)

Brontë, Charlotte

(1816 – 1855),novelist

Earliest work:To the Revd Patrick Brontë, 23 September 1829(1829)

Latest work:To Ellen Nussey, [?early March 1855](1855)

Brontë, Emily

(1818 – 1848),novelist and poet

Earliest work:Diary Paper (30 July)(1841)

Latest work:To Ellen Nussey (25 February)(1846)

Browne, Thomas

(1605 – 1682),physician and author

Earliest work:To the deceased Author(1633)

Latest work:Pseudodoxia Epidemica(1646)

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett

(1806 – 1861),poet and writer

Earliest work:EB, Thursday, 23 September(1843)

Latest work:EB, Friday, 18 September(1846)

Browning, Robert

(1812 – 1889),poet

Earliest work:The First-Born of Egypt(1827)

Latest work:On His Portrait(1889)

Bunyan, John

(bap.1628 – d.1688),author

Earliest work:A Vindication of Some Gospel-Truths(1657)

Latest work:Last Sermon(1688)

Burke, Edmund

(1729 – 1797),politician and author

Earliest work:On Doctor Taylor 1745(1745)

Latest work:Letter to Unknown 1797(1797)