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Goethe, Johann Wolfgang

(1749 – 1832),poet, dramatist, and scholar

Earliest work:Kennst du das Land, wo die Citronen blühn(1799)

Latest work:Faust(1808)

Gray, Thomas

(1716 – 1771),poet and literary scholar

Earliest work:Latin Verses at Eton(1733)

Latest work:To Norton Nicholls (28 June)(1771)

Green, T. H.

(1836 – 1882),philosopher

Earliest work:Prolegomena to Ethics(1882)

Latest work:Prolegomena to Ethics(1882)

Greene, Robert

(bap.1558 – d.1592),writer and playwright

Earliest work:II. Arbasto's Song(1584)

Latest work:XLVI. Sonnet(1599)

Greville, Fulke, first Baron Brooke of Beauchamps Court

(1554 – 1628),courtier and author

Earliest work:To Lady Elizabeth Kitson (March)(1581)

Latest work:A Dedication to Sir Philip Sidney(1612)

Grew, Nehemiah

(bap.1641 – d.1712),botanist and physician

Earliest work:The Meanes of a most Ample Encrease of The Wealth & Strength of England In a few years(1707)

Latest work:The Meanes of a most Ample Encrease of The Wealth & Strength of England In a few years(1707)

Guicciardini, Francesco

(1483 – 1540),historian and statesman

Earliest work:Ricordanze(1506)

Latest work:Ricordi(1530)

Hall, John

(bap.1627 – d.1656),poet and writer

Earliest work:Poems, The First Book(1646)

Latest work:To Colonel Richard Lovelace on the (1649)

Hamilton, David

(1663 – 1721),man-midwife and physician

Earliest work:Diary(1709)

Latest work:Diary(1714)

Hammond, William


Earliest work:Poems(1655)

Latest work:Poems(1655)

Hannay, Patrick

(fl. 1616 – 1630),poet

Earliest work:A Happy Husband(1619)

Latest work:Songs and Sonnets(1622)

Hardy, Thomas

(1840 – 1928),novelist and poet

Earliest work:Amabel(1865)

Latest work:George Meredith(1909)

Harington, John

(bap.1560 – d.1612),courtier and author

Earliest work:Orlando Furioso(1591)

Latest work:The Comment(1604)

Hazlitt, William

(1778 – 1830),writer and painter

Earliest work:2. To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine [On Malthus](1808)

Latest work:205. Analytical Disquisition on Punch and Judy (with Charles Lamb) (ii)(1830)

Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich

(1770 – 1831),philosopher

Earliest work:On the Cosmological Proof(1807)

Latest work:The 1831 Lectures(1831)

Herbert, Edward, first Baron Herbert of Cherbury and first Baron Herbert of Castle Island

(1582 – 1648),diplomat and philosopher

Earliest work:<Parted Souls>(1608)

Latest work:Charissimo, Doctissimo, Jucundissimoque juxtim Amico Thomæ Master. Hoc Epitaph, mœrens. P.C. E. B. Herbert de Cherbury(1643)

Herbert, George

(1593 – 1633),Church of England clergyman and poet

Earliest work:I. Part of a letter to his Mother(1609)

Latest work:XIII. To the Right Honourable the Lady Anne, Countess of Pembr. and Montg. at Court(1631)

Herbert, Henry

(bap.1594 – d.1673),master of the revels

Earliest work:Revels Documents to 1642(1642)

Latest work:R97(1673)

Heritage, Thomas

(c.1500 – 1541),skinner

Earliest work:Account Book(1532)

Latest work:Account Book(1540)

Herrick, Robert

(bap.1591 – d.1674),poet

Earliest work:A Country life To his Brother, M. Tho: Herrick(1610)

Latest work:To The King, Upon his welcome to Hampton-Court(1647)