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August 18, 2015

Sophie Goldsworthy, Academic and Trade Editorial Director and Project Director for Oxford Scholarly Editions Online, talks about the project and its importance for humanities research.

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"Since launch in 2012, Oxford Scholarly Editions Online (OSEO) has emerged as a jewel in the crown of the OUP online portfolio, praised by scholars and librarians for the intuitive way in which it unpacks the texts it contains and the potential it has to transform humanities research and teaching. The site features authoritative online editions of original works by some of the most important writers and philosophers in the humanities, from William Shakespeare to William Wordsworth, Jane Austen to John Donne, Thomas Hobbes to Horace.

Anyone working in the humanities is well aware of the sheer volume of free texts online. Search for the text of one of Shakespeare’s plays on Google and you’ll find hundreds of thousands of results. Browse popular classics on Amazon, and you’ll find hundreds available for free download to your device in 60 seconds or less. But while we’re spoilt for choice in terms of availability, finding an authoritative text, and one which you can feel confident in citing in your research or using in your teaching, has paradoxically never been more difficult. With more and more data online, it has never been more important to help scholars and students navigate to trusted primary sources on which they can rely for their research, teaching, and learning. And this is where OSEO comes in."

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