Illuminating Shakespeare

November 21, 2016

Illuminating Shakespeare

We are very pleased to announce the final update to our Shakespeare hub — a spotlight on Shakespeare’s collaborators.

Early modern dramatists often wrote collaboratively and a majority of plays from the period were written by more than one person. Until recently, the solitary genius of Shakespeare was judged an exception. Now Shakespeare’s potential collaborations are a hot and highly contentious topic. This latest Shakespeare hub looks at these debates, with specially-commissioned videos, blogs, and interactive content.

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Over the next few months we will be publishing all three editions of The New Oxford Shakespeare project — the Modern Critical Edition (available now) Critical Reference Edition and the Authorship Companion — all fully integrated on OSEO. These editions will be added to OSEO as normal, but anyone who wants to focus solely on The New Oxford Shakespeare texts can access them through a convenient side door at

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