New Year's Day throughout the ages

January 1, 2017

To explore the fantastic breadth and variety of Oxford Scholarly Editions Online, we've taken a snapshot of poems, novels and letters written on the same day — across the ages.

On the same day, years apart, Frances Burney is turning her mind to resolutions, whilst Edmund Burke is concerned with the 'capital of my fame'. Jeremy Bentham wonders what he should do about 'the things' whilst Charles I is proclaiming the relocation of the Court of the King's Bench to Oxford.

To mark the start of 2017, we've highlighted 10 pieces of writing — all composed on 1st January, stretching from 1591 to 1863. From Charles Dickens' health advice to Lord Byron's Hindoo Air and William Cowper's misplaced venison, discover the 1st of January as you've never seen it before...

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