Scots Wa Who? Forgotten poems of Scotland

December 9, 2016

An excerpt from an OUPblog article published on 3rd December 2016:

James Hogg, The Ettrick Shepherd
'Scotland has inspired much celebrated poetry over the ages, from the stirring verses of Robert Burns, to the imaginative tales of Robert Louis Stevenson and Walter Scott. These poets are now household names, but how many outside of Scotland have heard of William Dunbar or James Hogg? 'O Flower of Scotland' is a tune joyously sung by many – but could you sing along to 'The Flowers of Scotland'? For that matter, English poets such as William Cowper and William Wordsworth are known for their romantic descriptions of everyday life, but their odes to the land north of the border are less well known.

With St. Andrews Day having just passed, we’re taking a look at some of OSEO’s lesser known Scots poets (and poetry), as well as the southerners inspired by this braw and bonnie land...'

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Image Credit: “James Hogg, 1770 – 1835. Poet; ‘The Ettrick Shepherd” Scottish National Gallery. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.


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