Brand new Latin editions

January 26, 2017

29 scholarly editions have just been added to the Latin modules of Oxford Scholarly Editions Online (OSEO), bringing the total number of editions to over 980, with a staggering 490,000+ pages available to read.

These titles include The Fragmentary Latin Poets, the Oxford World's Classics translations of Cicero's Defence Speeches, and Political Speeches, and Damon's revised Oxford Classical Texts edition of Caesar's Bellum Civile. They add to the Latin Poetry, Prose, and History modules.

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Explore samples of the new content for yourself:

Oxford Classical Texts: Titi Livi: Ab Urbe Condita, Vol. 3: Libri XXI-XXV

Oxford Classical Texts:
Livy: Ab Urbe Condita, Vol. 3 (Liber XXII.V)

Read alongside the Oxford World's Classics translation.

Blind in one eye, Hannibal struggles through the marshes of the River Arno...

Oxford World's Classics: Martial: Epigrams

Oxford World's Classics: Martial: Epigrams (4.44)

Martial describes the aftermath of the eruption of Vesuvius.

"All lie sunk in flames and dismal ash. The gods themselves must have wished this was not in their power."

Oxford Classical Monographs: Jerome, Vita Malchi: Introduction, Text, Translation, and Commentary

Oxford Classical Monographs: Jerome, Vita Malchi (VII)

Monastic life is compared to "the industrious way of life of those ants" by Saint Jerome.

"Sicque cogitans aspicio formicarum gregem angusto calle feruere."


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