So, you think you know Darwin?

April 28, 2017

An excerpt from an OUPblog article published on 26th April 2017:

“Mussels, Barnacles” by stux, CC0 Public Domain via Pixabay.
"Did you know that Darwin published an entire book on the “action of worms”? He conducted various experiments to gauge their responses, including testing their hearing with the “deepest and loudest tones of a bassoon.”

Darwin also studied emotions in both humans and animals, with a tome investigating various expressions (which also included some of the earliest printed photographs), and three volumes solely on barnacles. Although he is generally known as a serious scientist, in his younger days Darwin was also a fearless adventurer, and undertook a five-year voyage around the world, with no previous experience of sailing.

If you think you know Darwin, take a look at some of his lesser-known writings, and think again…"

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Image Credit: “Mussels, Barnacles” by stux, CC0 Public Domain via Pixabay..

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