10 times that Jane Austen was ahead of her time

May 31, 2017

An excerpt from an OUPblog article published on 27th May 2017:

‘Back view of Jane Austen, Watercolor’, by Cassandra Austen (1804), Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.
"To some people the name ‘Jane Austen’ conjures up images of tea parties, stuffy fashions, and high-society events where women are swept off their feet by dashing gentlemen. But despite these widespread perceptions, Austen is an author equally celebrated for her notoriously sharp mind, frank descriptions, and acerbic social commentary. In the repressed atmosphere of Georgian England, Austen and her characters found many ways to circumvent the strict moral codes of the day. Through veiled satire and carefully constructed plots, social conventions were examined, re-assessed, and frequently mocked — often in a manner that was truly ahead of their times.

In light of these contradictions, we’ve highlighted 10 examples of Austen’s writing — all demonstrating her truly unique style. From post-truth sensibilities to taking time to slow down in our everyday lives, and from true love to the fight for female education, discover 10 times that Austen was ahead of the times ..."

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Image Credit: ‘Back view of Jane Austen, Watercolor’, by Cassandra Austen (1804), Public Domain via Pixabay.

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