Explore the newest research tool now available on OSEO

June 29, 2015

We're delighted to announce a powerful new feature that makes it even easier for you to use OSEO in your research and study.

The critical editions contained in OSEO contain a wealth of references to other works, as editors compare and contrast to illuminate their texts. OSEO's "Find location in Text" feature available on its home page has always let you resolve these references, but we've now made it much easier.

Where an editor refers to another work, simply highlight the reference with your mouse, and you'll see a little menu pop up. Choose "Open this text in OSEO" and we'll try and take you there. If you just highlight the work title, you'll go to the work, but if you highlight the numbers that identify a place in the text, we'll try to take you straight to the right passage. 

Open this text in OSEO screenshot

If we can't parse the reference correctly first go, we'll take you to a screen that lets you tidy up the reference.

Where's copy and cite gone?

If you're a user of copy and cite -- the feature that adds citation information (including doi and a URL accurate to the precise line you're copying) -- you'll notice that the little clipboard icon we used for it has gone from the toolbar.

When you select a passage, you'll now have the option to use Copy and Cite from the pop-up menu, so it's right under your mouse - no need to hunt the icon from the toolbar.

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