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"These digitized scholarly editions are not intended to eclipse the print volumes. Indeed, one can well imagine working with the print and electronic formats in concert. What this new version does confer is a whole new level of discoverability.” – J. Millhorn, Northern Illinois University, Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries (Editors' Picks, June 2013)
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“This is a game-changing online file that surpasses the equivalent print editions and is recommended for serious scholarship in the humanities everywhere.” – Cheryl LaGuardia, Library Journal (6th December 2012)
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“Authoritative sourcing is critical in humanities scholarship, and few institutions in the world are more respected than Oxford University” – Barbara Quint, Information Today (17th September 2012)
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Read an interview with Sophie Goldsworthy, Project Director of Oxford Scholarly Editions Online, in The Book Machine, article written by Sophie O’Rourke (14th September 2012)

Read an interview with Sophie Goldsworthy, Project Director of Oxford Scholarly Editions Online, in The Bookseller, article written by Benedicte Page (13th September 2012)

“Such editions have the familiar advantages of being able to search across a large corpus of material as well as notes which can be viewed alongside the text rather than tucked away at the end of a printed book.” – Matthew Reisz, Times Higher Education (12th September 2012)
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“Serious users will take advantage of the range of tools available to do serious research, comparing authors, reviewing commentaries and tracking how works have changed over time.” – Dominic Lenton, Engineering and Technology (6th September 2012)
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'This has the potential to transform the way in which Humanities scholars do research…' — Bill Brockman, Librarian for English and Theatre, Penn State University


Runner up for Best Databases 2012, awarded by Library Journal

Selected as one of Library Journal's Best Reference of 2012

Prize-winning titles

Below is a selection of some of the prize-winning titles that are available in Oxford Scholarly Editions Online.

The Clarendon Edition of the Works of Thomas Hobbes, Vol. 4: Leviathan, edited by Noel Malcolm FBA – Winner of one of three inaugural British Academy Medals in 2013

The Correspondence of Sir Philip Sidney, edited by Roger Kuin – Winner of the 2013 Roland H. Bainton Prize for Reference and the twelfth Morton N. Cohen Award for a Distinguished Edition of Letters

The Works of Lucy Hutchinson: Volume I: The Translation of Lucretius, edited by Reid Barbour and David Norbrook – received an honourable mention in the tenth Modern Language Association Prize for a Scholarly Edition