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Oxford University Press’s texts of Latin authors are available online, including the works of Horace, Ovid, Virgil, Plautus, and Sallust. Discover authoritative critical editions, including the Oxford Classical Texts series, commentaries, and translations of all major works.

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The digital presentation of the texts enables you to search in simple but intelligent ways; navigate straight to the line you want using familiar reference forms, such as Aeneid 2.49; read texts and translations in parallel; and look up words in the Oxford Latin Dictionary – the leading Latin dictionary, exclusive to Oxford Scholarly Editions Online – with our dictionary widget.

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Discover Latin texts on Oxford Scholarly Editions Online for yourself with the below sample extracts:

  Caesar’s account of indigenous Britons

'They consider it wrong to
eat hare, chicken, or goose'

Caesar’s account of indigenous
Britons from The Gallic War


Celebrating the opening of
the Colosseum

'...where the starry colossus sees
the constellations close at hand'


A classic Roman love poem
by Catullus

'Give me a thousand kisses,
then a hundred...'