Richard Thelwall [Thellwall]

Robin Law (ed.), The Local Correspondence of the Royal African Company of England, 1681–1699, Vol. 1: The English in West Africa, 1681–1683

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315. Richard ThelwallAnnamaboe, 4 Jan. 1682/3

Yesterday I received yours by Mr Lewin, and as in ordered I have made inquiry about the powder and I cannot heare of any more then 2 barrells that was bought out of an interloper; and for to search their houses I have not force enough, and if hee hath any I suppose itt must be to windward, for I cannot understand hath sold any here, but what Cormanteen or Agga people doe I cannot understand, as yett. I sent one aboard with Mr Lewin to wittness what was don. I have received all the goods by the Busse, James Bayley [Commander] and have given creditt for accordingly, but as long as these ships undersell mee I cannot take any money.

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