Richard Thelwall [Thellwall]

Robin Law (ed.), The Local Correspondence of the Royal African Company of England, 1681–1699, Vol. 1: The English in West Africa, 1681–1683

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345. Richard ThelwallAnnamaboe, 23 May 1683

Yesterday I received yours, whereby I understand [you] did wonder that Agga factory was not repaired. In answer, ever since I had your honours order, the next day I sent a white man and Blacks with thatch from hence and they had mended all the dwelling house, but the corne roome will aske a greate time for to fetch poules and thatch; besides itt must be ready to putt on before the old thatch be taken off, for feare the raines should wash the walls downe. I am sure there is never an English man here will say or write soe, but whomesoever did, did itt undeserving. Yesterday Mr Burrow's and Michael Millington went to Agga with their things. Mr Burrow's expects fresh goods from Cabo Corsoe, the goods proper for that place, iron barrs, and lead barrs, sayes, perpetuanoe's, sheets, course sletias, and what your honour thinke fitting. The Arcany's wants sheets and blew perpetuano's, for all the blew perpetuanoes I have are gon, for there is more green in a baile then blew, I have green, redd and printed perpetuanoes enough but they wont goe off here. There will want brandy for Mr Burrowes for I have but little, as alsoe paper and inke.

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