Ralph Hassell

Robin Law (ed.), The Local Correspondence of the Royal African Company of England, 1681–1699, Vol. 1: The English in West Africa, 1681–1683

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426. Ralph HassellAccra, 12 March 1681/2

These I humbly present to your Honour with all for covert of Charles Towgoods letters [sic],36 the contents whereof I know not of what validity it may concerne my Royall masters interest. This is the first oppertunity I could imbrace by reason of a tempestuous sea which has broake all the canoes att Accra, not one either great or small has escap'd, the Companys 5 hand canoe in the night alsoe although haul'd above 6 foot above high water. This is a windward canoe that brought corne which I have seized on purpose to dispatch Charles letters, and hope your Honour will send her back with all expedition. I have also inclosed my February accounts, which indeed irketh mee to send per reason of soe inconsiderable incomes and soe great expences, which in noe way immaginable could be avoided, which if your honour pleases to cast your eye on will find nothing extravigantly charged, soe hope you'l not think mee culpable. Yett nevertheless though att present small trade is, I live in hopes better will come to make amends for the bad, soe that interlaceing the good with the bad it will in the end ballance expectations. I could have sold the musketts for gold but will not unless I have halfe gold, halfe slaves.

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Editor’s Note
36 Presumably = no.523 (transmitted from Alampo via Accra).
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