James Nightingale

Robin Law (ed.), The Local Correspondence of the Royal African Company of England, 1681–1699, Vol. 1: The English in West Africa, 1681–1683

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461. James Nightingale [to Agent-General]James Fort, Accra, 13 July 1683

I render your honour humble thanks for your kindess I have received, but especially for your fatherly advice, and pray doe not doubt but that in all things I shall be verry obedient to your honours commands and will with the assistance of Mr Robert Young my Cheife doe my utmost to promote my masters interest. I have heard the Dutch Copemen say just after Mr Hassells departure that Mr Hassell had advice of our comeing 3 day's before our arrivall here. Your honours will heare all the actions and transactions against Mr Hassell of the people which are sent up, I doe assure your honour the one will betray the other. In the interim I refer the rest to our generall letter.

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