Charles Towgood

Robin Law (ed.), The Local Correspondence of the Royal African Company of England, 1681–1699, Vol. 1: The English in West Africa, 1681–1683

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523. Charles TowgoodAboard the Cape Coast Briganteen, Allampo Road, , 5 March 1681/2

I thought itt convenient to give your worship an account of my proceeding in this place. I have been here this 10 dayes and att my first arrivall found a French man here with 4 othere ships about 4 leagues to windward of mee. The French man had nothing but bouges, which the natives wanted at that time to buy corne, soe that as long as hee lay here I could not gett a slave;23 and the day before hee went away which was Fryday Captain Gates came to anchor here,24 and hee gives such rates that I am like to lye here a considerable time, besides his pintados are broad and mine are all narrow and hee gives as many of his for a slave as I can of mine, soe pg 271that I cannot expect to sell any of mine till his bee all gon and then hope they will goe off. I have made shift since hee has been here to gett 8 good men, 6 woemen and 2 boyes with 2 girles, 18 in all which are all verry goode slaves; but I have been forc'd to give 1 angle upon a head for a man more then what your worship has allowed or elce they would have gon aboard Captain Gates. I intend the first oppertunity of a wind to turne up to Ningo, a place 4 leagues to windward of this place, where I understand there are a few slaves, for I cannot expect to gett many slaves here as long as hee lies here without I could give as great rates as hee, which is a bendy a head. I wish I had a few green and blew perpettuanos more, for those that I had of that sort which were 8 are all gone and they aske for them now extreamly. Just now my canoe came from the shoare, but the sea runs so high that they are not able neither will they venture to bring off a slave. They have promised to bring mee about 10 or 12 as soon as they can gett off.

[PS] This goes by my canoe as far as Accra and then to goe up with the first conveniency. Robert Crow lies very ill of a voiolent feavour.

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Editor’s Note
23 This ship was one of Jean Barbot's squadron, though Barbot himself did not arrive at Adangme until later (1992, ii, 440).
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