Thomas M. Truxes (ed.), Records of Social and Economic History: New Series, Vol. 28: Letterbook of Greg & Cunningham, 1756–57: Merchants of New York and Belfast

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137 To Hyde & Hamilton, Manchester                         19 August 1756[ff. 111–12]


We wrote you the 20th of June Via Liverpool & Bristol to which please be refered.

The 6th Instant we are favoured with yours of the 12th June & have taken the first opportunity to reply thereto.

It gives our WC great Concern that the Cotton should prove so bad. What he coud see of it did not appear so. You may Assure yourselfs that every commission you please to give shall be executed in the best pg 198manner in our power.

There is but one Prize brought in here yet. She is loaded with Sugar, Cotton, & Coffee, [and] is worth about £16,000. We have bought ten bales of Cotton for your Account at 16 per pound. Its from Martinico [and] is Clean & good. It will come to Nigh £330 as the Bales are large. There is a Brigg now loading for Liverpool, but believe we shant be able to get your Cotton ship[ped] in her. The Coffee sold for 8¼ to 9d per pound & the Sugar as in quality from 2½ to 7d per pound. As there is A Number of Privateers from this place, we hope they may Succeed, which will enable us to Execute the remainder of your Order for the Cotton & also for the Indigoe.

When we could not Execute your order for Logwood, we bought sixty tons for our own Account at £9.5.0, £9.10.0, & £10 per ton, & if the account of War had been a few days longer a Cuming, we should have compleated a Cargoe. We could now sell what we have at £14 per ton.

We have no hopes of executing your order for the Gum Senica.

We shall soon be in Philadelphia When shall do all we can with Wallace & Bryan, but are affraid it will be to no purpose. James Wallace1 went from Carolina to Liverpool. We hope you have been able to settle with him.

We are obliged to draw on you to Oblige a Captain in our imploy at 40 days sight payable in London. £43.1.7 Britt Exchange [at] 85 per Cent is £79.13.10 Currency to your Credit.

There is great reason to Expect prize goods of all sorts will be sold reasonable here, so we expect you'l encourage your Friends to apply to us.

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Editor’s Note
1 James Wallace had been the partner of George Bryan in the Philadelphia firm of Wallace & Bryan which was dissolved in February 1755 (Foster, In Pursuit of Equal Liberty, p. 5).
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