Thomas M. Truxes (ed.), Records of Social and Economic History: New Series, Vol. 28: Letterbook of Greg & Cunningham, 1756–57: Merchants of New York and Belfast

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pg xviiAbbreviations

Abstracts of Wills

Abstracts of Wills on File in the Surrogate's Office, City of New York, New-York Historical Society, Collections, XXV–XLI (15 vols., New York, 1893–1909)

American Papers of Ralph Carr

American Papers of Ralph Carr, Merchant of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, 1741–1778, MS in Northumberland Record Office

Appletons' Cyclopaedia

Appletons' Cyclopaedia of American Biography, (6 vols., New York, 1887–1889)

Beekman Papers

Philip L. White, ed., The Beekman Mercantile Papers, 1746–1799 (3 vols., New York, 1956)

Benn, History of the Town

George Benn, A History of the Town of Belfast from the Earliest Times to the Close of the Eighteenth Century (2 vols., London, 1877)


British Library, London


The Belfast News-Letter

Bridenbaugh, Cities in Revolt

Carl Bridenbaugh, Cities in Revolt: Urban Life in America, 1743–1776 (New York, 1955)

Buist, At Spes Non Fracta

Marten G. Buist, At Spes Non Fracta: Hope & Co., 1770–1815 (The Hague, 1974)

Burke, Landed Gentry of Ireland

Sir Bernard Burke, A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Ireland, edited by Ashworth P. Burke (London, 1899)

Burke's Landed Gentry (1937)

H. Pirie-Gordon, ed., Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry (London, 1937)

Burke's Landed Gentry (1972)

Peter Townend, ed., Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry (3 vols., London, 1972)

Canedy, 'Entrepreneurial History'

Charles Roscoe Canedy, III, 'Entrepreneurial History of the New York Frontier, 1739–1776' (unpublished Ph.D. diss., Case Western Reserve University, 1967)

Chambers, Faces of Change

George Chambers, Faces of Change: The Belfast and Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 1783–1983 (Belfast, 1984)

Clowes, Royal Navy

William Laird Clowes, The Royal Navy: A History from the Earliest Times to the Present (7 vols., London, 1897–1903)

Colonial and Revolutionary Families

John Jordan, et al., eds., Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania: Genealogical and Personal Memoirs (17 vols., New York, 1932–1965)

pg xviii

Commerce of Rhode Island

Worthington Chauncey Ford, ed. Commerce of Rhode Island, 1726–1800, Massachusetts Historical Society, Collections, IX–X, 7th Series (2 vols., Boston, 1914–1915)

Complete Guide

A Complete Guide to All Persons who have any Trade or Concern with the City of London, and Parts Adjacent (London, 1740, 1749, 1755, and 1758)

Copies of the Several Memorials

Copies of the Several Memorials Presented to the Linen-Board by the Merchants of Dublin, London, Bristol, Liverpool, Chester, and Different Parts of England (Dublin, 1763)

Correspondence of William Shirley

Charles Henry Lincoln, ed., Correspondence of William Shirley, Governor of Massachusetts and Military Commander in America, 1731–1760 (2 vols., New York, 1912)

Cullen, Anglo-Irish Trade

L. M. Cullen, Anglo-Irish Trade, 1660–1800 (New York, 1968)

Cullen, Economic History

AbbreviationsAn Economic History of Ireland Since 1660 (London, 1972)


Dictionary of American Biography (12 vols., New York, 1973)


Dictionary of Canadian Biography (13 vols., Toronto, 1966–1994)


(Faulkner's) Dublin Journal


The Dictionary of National Biography (22 vols., Oxford, 1959–1960)

Documents Illustrative

Elizabeth Donnan, ed., Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America (4 vols., Washington, DC, 1930–1935)

Documents Relative

E. B. O'Callaghan, ed., Documents Relative to the Colonial History of the State of New York Procured in Holland, England, and France (15 vols., Albany, NY, 1856)

Dublin Directory (1760)

Peter Wilson, The Dublin Directory for the Year 1760 (Dublin, [1760])


Economic History Review

Elias, De Vroedschap van Amsterdam

Johan E. Elias, De Vroedschap van Amsterdam, 1578–1795 (2 vols., Amsterdam, 1963)

Fish, New York Privateers

Stuyvesant Fish, The New York Privateers, 1756–1763 (New York, 1945)

Gamble, 'Business Community'

Norman E. Gamble, 'The Business Community and Trade of Belfast, 1767–1800' (unpublished Ph.D. diss., University of Dublin, 1978)

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Genealogical Data

Genealogical Data from New York Administrative Bonds, 1753–1799, and Hitherto Unpublished Letters of Administration, abstracted by Kenneth Scott, Vol. X of the Collections of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society (New York, 1969)

Gillingham, Marine Insurance

Harrold E. Gillingham, Marine Insurance In Philadelphia, 1721–1800 (Philadelphia, 1933)

Gipson, British Empire

Lawrence Henry Gipson, The British Empire Before the American Revolution (15 vols., New York, 1939–1970)

Harper, English Navigation Laws

Lawrence A. Harper, The English Navigation Laws: A Seventeenth-Century Experiment in Social Engineering (New York, 1939)

Harrington, New York Merchant

Virginia D. Harrington, The New York Merchant on the Eve of the American Revolution (New York, 1935)


Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia


Irish Historical Studies

Independent Reflector

The Independent Reflector, or Weekly Essays on Sundry Important Subjects More Particularly Adapted to the Province of New-York (New York, 1753)

Index to Prerogative Wills

Sir Arthur Vicars, ed., Index to the Prerogative Wills of Ireland, 1536–1810 (Dublin, 1897)

Index to Wills Proved

Anthony J. Camp, ed., An Index to the Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1750–1800, (6 vols., London, 1976–1992)

Indexes to Irish Wills

W. P. W. Phillimore and Gertrude Thrift, eds., Indexes to Irish Wills (5 vols., London, 1909–1920)

Jennings, Empire of Fortune

Francis Jennings, Empire of Fortune: Crowns, Colonies, and Tribes in the Seven Years' War in America (New York, 1988)

John Ludlow Letter Book

John Ludlow Letter Book, 1752–1763, MS in Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University.

Johnson Papers

James Sullivan, et al, eds., The Papers of Sir William Johnson (14 vols., Albany, New York, 1921–1965)

Journal of Esther Edwards Burr

Carol F. Karlsen and Laurie Crumpacker, eds., The Journal of Esther Edwards Burr, 1754–1757 (New Haven, 1984)

Journal of John Wesley

Nehemiah Curnock, ed., The Journal of the Rev. John Wesley, A.M. (8 vols., New York, [1909–1916])

Journal of the Commissioners for Trade and Plantations

Journal of the Commissioners for Trade and Plantations [April 1704 to May 1782] (14 vols., London, 1920–1938)

Journals of the Irish House of Commons

Journals of the House of Commons of the Kingdom of Ireland (20 vols., Dublin, 1796–1800)

Judd, Members of Parliament

Garrit P. Judd, IV, Members of Parliament, 1734–1832 (New Haven, 1955)

pg xx

Kent's Directory

Kent's Directory . . . Containing An Alphabetical List of the Names and Places of Abode of the Directors of Companies, Persons in Publick Business, Merchants, and other Eminent Traders in the Cities of London and Westminster, and the Borough of Southwark (London, 1753, 1754, 1755, and 1781)

Letter Book of John Watts

Dorothy C. Barck, ed., Letter Book of John Watts: Merchant and Councillor of New York, New-York Historical Society, Collections, LXI (New York, 1928)

'Letter Books of Dr. Walter Tullideph'

'Letter Books of Dr. Walter Tullideph, Sugar Planter of Antigua, 1734–1767'(unpublished transcript prepared by Richard B. Sheridan, University of Kansas, Lawrence)

Letters and Papers of Cadwallader Colden

The Letters and Papers of Cadwallader Colden, New-York Historical Society, Collections, L–LVI (7 vols., New York, 1917–1923)

Liverpool's First Directory

George T. and Isabella Shaw, eds., Liverpool's First Directory: A Reprint of the Names and Addresses from Gore's Directory for 1766 (Liverpool, 1907)

Liverpool Plantation Registers

The Liverpool Plantation Registers, 1743–1784, MS in the Custom House, Liverpool

MacBean, Biographical Register

William M. MacBean, Biographical Register of Saint Andrew's Society of the State of New York (2 vols., New York, 1922)

McCusker, Money and Exchange

John J. McCusker, Money and Exchange in Europe and America, 1600–1775: A Handbook (Chapel Hill, NC, 1978)

McCusker and Menard, Economy of British America

John J. McCusker and Russell R. Menard, The Economy of British America, 1607–1789 (Chapel Hill, N.C., 1985)

McNeill, Life and Times

Mary McNeill, The Life and Times of Mary Ann McCracken, 1770–1866 (Belfast, 1960)

Meany, 'Merchant and Redcoat'

Joseph F. Meany, 'Merchant and Redcoat: The Papers of John Gordon Macomb, July 1757 to June 1760' (unpublished Ph.D. diss., Fordam University, 1990)


Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston

Military Affairs

Stanley M. Pargellis, ed., Military Affairs in North America, 1748–1765: Selected Papers from the Cumberland Papers in Windsor Castle (New York, 1936)

Murphy and Mannion, History of the Society

Richard C. Murphy and Lawrence J. Mannion, The History of the Society of the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick in the City of New York, 1784 to 1955 (New York, 1962)

Musgrave's Obituary

George J. Armytage, ed., Obituary Prior to 1800 (As far as relates to England, Scotland, and Ireland), Compiled by Sir William Musgrave (6 vols. [Vols. XLIV-XLIX of Publications of the Harleian Society], London, 1899–1901)

Namier and Brooke, History of Parliament

Sir Lewis Namier and John Brooke, The History of Parliament: The House of Commons, 1754–1790 (3 vols., New York, 1964)

pg xxi


National Library of Ireland, Dublin


The New-York Gazette, and Weekly Mercury


The New-York Gazette, or the Weekly Post-Boy


New York History


New-York Historical Society


The New-York Mercury


New York Public Library

Oaks, 'Philadelphia Merchants'

Robert Francis Oaks, 'Philadelphia Merchants and the American Revolution, 1765–1776' (unpublished Ph.D. diss., University of Southern California, 1970)

Papers of Benjamin Franklin

Leonard W. Labaree, et al., eds., The Papers of Benjamin Franklin (35 vols., New Haven, 1959–1998)

Papers of Henry Laurens

Philip M. Hamer, et al., eds., The Papers of Henry Laurens (10 vols., Columbia, SC, 1968–1985)

Papers of the Lloyd Family

Dorothy C. Barck, ed., Papers of the Lloyd Family of the Manor of Queens Village, . . . Long Island, New York, 1654–1826, New-York Historical Society, Collections, LIX-LX (2 vols., New York, 1927)

Pargellis, Lord Loudoun

Stanley M. Pargellis, Lord Loudoun in North America (New Haven, 1933)


The Pennsylvania Chronicle


The Pennsylvania Gazette

Philip Cuyler Letter Book

Philip Cuyler Letter Book, 1755–1760, MS in the New York Public Library


The Pennsylvania Journal

Plumsted Letter Book

Plumsted Letter Book, 1756–1758, MS in the University Library, Cambridge.


The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography

Pococke's Tour

George T. Stokes, ed., Pococke's Tour in Ireland in 1752 (Dublin, 1891)

Postlethwayt, Universal Dictionary

Malachy Postlethwayt, The Universal Dictionary of Trade and Commerce (2 vols., London, 1751–1755)

Pownall, Topographical Description

T[homas] Pownall, A Topographical Description of the Dominions of the United States of America, edited by Lois Mulkearn (Pittsburgh, 1949)

Price, Capital and Credit

Jacob M. Price, Capital and Credit in British Overseas Trade: A View from the Chesapeake, 1700–1776 (Cambridge, Mass., 1980)

Price, 'Economic Function'

Abbreviations 'Economic Function and the Growth of American Port Towns in the Eighteenth Century,' Perspectives in American History, VIII (1974)


Public Record Office, London


Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast

Registry of Deeds, Dublin

P. Beryl Eustace, et al., ed., Registry of Deeds, Dublin: Abstracts of Wills, Irish Manuscripts Commission (3 vols. Dublin, 1954–1984)

pg xxii

Reports from Committees

Reports from Committees of the House of Commons . . . Not Inserted in the Journals, 1715–1801 (16 vols., London, 1803–1806)

Rivington's New York Newspaper

Kenneth Scott, ed., Rivington's New York Newspaper: Excerpts from a Loyalist Press, 1773–1783, New-York Historical Society, Collections, LXXXIV (New York, 1973)

Sabine, Biographical Sketches

Lorenzo Sabine, Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution (2 vols., Boston, 1864)

Sachs, 'Business Outlook'

William S. Sachs, 'The Business Outlook in the Northern Colonies, 1750–1775' (unpublished Ph.D. diss., Columbia University, 1957)

Select Cases

Richard B. Morris, ed., Select Cases of the Mayor's Court of New York City, 1674–1784 (Washington, DC, 1935)

'Ship Registers'

'Ship Registers for the Port of Philadelphia, 1726–1775,' Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, XXIII-XXVIII (1899–1904)

Smith, History of the Province of New-York

William Smith, The History of the Province of New-York from the First Discovery to the Year MDCCXXXII (London, 1757)

Stevens, Colonial Records

John Austin Stevens, Junr., Colonial Records of the New York Chamber of Commerce, 1768–1784 (New York, 1867)

Stokes, Iconography

I. N. P. Stokes, The Iconography of Manhattan Island, 1498–1909: Compiled from Original Sources and Illustrated by . . . Reproductions of Important Maps, Plans, Views, and Documents (6 vols., New York, 1915–1928)

Thomas Wharton Letterbook

Thomas Wharton Letterbook, 1756–1757, Wharton Papers, MS in Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Truxes, Irish-American Trade

Thomas M. Truxes, Irish-American Trade, 1660–1783 (Cambridge, 1988)

Watson, Annals of Philadelphia

John F. Watson, Annals of Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania, in the Olden Time, Being a Collection of Memoirs, Anecdotes, and Incidents of the City and its Inhabitants (3 vols., Philadelphia, 1887)

White, Beekmans of New York

Philip L. White, The Beekmans of New York in Politics and Commerce, 1647–1877 (New York, 1956)

Wilson, Memorial History

James Grant Wilson, The Memorial History of the City of New-York (4 vols., New York, 1892)


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