Benjamin [Ben] Jonson

C. H. Herford and Percy Simpson (eds), Ben Jonson, Vol. 3: The Tale of a Tub; The Case is Altered; Every Man in his Humour; Every Man out of his Humour

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Act iiii. Scene v.


Ed. Kno'Well, Well-bred, Stephen, Brayne-worme. WEll Brayne-worme, performe this businesse, Critical Apparatus2happily, and thou makest a purchase of my loue, Critical Apparatus3for-euer.


Wel. Ifaith, now let thy spirits vse their best faculties. Critical Apparatus5But, at any hand, remember the message, to my brother: Critical Apparatus6for, there's no other meanes, to start him.


Bray. I warrant you, sir, feare nothing: I haue a Critical Apparatus8nimble soule ha's wakt all forces of my phant'sie, by this 9time, and put 'hem in true motion. What you haue possest 10mee withall, Ile discharge it amply, sir. Make it no question.


Wel. Forth, and prosper, Brayne-worme. Faith, 12Ned, how dost thou approue of my abilities in this deuise?

Editor’s Note13

E. Kn. Troth, well, howsoeuer: but, it will come ex14cellent, if it take.


Wel. Take, man? why, it cannot choose but take, if 16the circumstances miscarrie not: but, tell me, ingenuously, Editor’s Note17dost thou affect my sister Bridget, as thou pretend'st?


E. Kn. Friend, am I worth beliefe?

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Wel. Come, doe not protest. In faith, shee is a maid of 20good ornament, and much modestie: and, except I con21ceiu'd very worthily of her, thou shouldest not haue her.

Critical Apparatus22

E. Kn. Nay, that I am afraid will bee a question yet, 23whether I shall haue her, or no?


Wel. Slid, thou shalt haue her; by this light, thou shalt.


E. Kn. Nay, doe not sweare.


Wel. By this hand, thou shalt haue her: Ile goe fetch 27her, presently. Point, but where to meet, and as I am an 28honest man, I'll bring her.


E. Kn. Hold, hold, be temperate.


Wel. Why, by——what shall I sweare by? thou shalt 31haue her, as I am——


E. Kn. 'Pray thee, be at peace, I am satisfied: and doe 33beleeue, thou wilt omit no offered occasion, to make my 34desires compleat.


Wel. Thou shalt see, and know, I will not.

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Critical Apparatus
iv. v.] Scene iii.—A Room in the Windmill Tavern. G.
Critical Apparatus
2 and] And Ff, beginning a new line.
Critical Apparatus
3 for-euer.] for ever. F2: for-euer, F1
Critical Apparatus
5 But F2: but F1
Critical Apparatus
6 meanes,] means F2
Critical Apparatus
8 ha's] has F2
Editor’s Note
iv. v. 13. Howsoeuer, in any case, whatever happens.
Editor’s Note
17. pretend'st. Used in a good sense, as in E.M.O. ii. iv. 49, 50:
  • Is't possible shee should deserue so well.
  • As you pretend?
Critical Apparatus
iv. v. 22 that] that, F2
afraid] afraid, F2
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