Benjamin [Ben] Jonson

Ben Jonson, Vol. 6: Bartholomew Fair; The Devil is an Ass; The Staple of News; The New Inn; The Magnetic Lady

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pg 185Act I. Scene VII.


Pvg. Fitzdottrel. Ingine. HEere is one Ingine, Sir, desires to speake with you.


Fit. I thought he brought some newes, of a broker! Well,

Critical Apparatus3Let him come in, good Diuell; fetch him else.

4O, my fine Ingine! what's th'affaire? more cheats?


Ing. No Sir, the Wit, the Braine, the great Proiector,

6I told you of, is newly come to towne.


Fit. Where, Ingine?

Ing. I ha' brought him (H'is without)

8Ere hee pull'd off his boots, Sir, but so follow'd,

Editor’s NoteCritical Apparatus9For businesses.

Fit. But what is a Proiector?

10I would conceiue.

Ing. Why, one Sir, that proiects

11Wayes to enrich men, or to make 'hem great,

Critical Apparatus12By suites, by marriages, by vndertakings:

13According as he sees they humour it.

Critical Apparatus14

Fit. Can hee not coniure at all?

Ing. I thinke he can, Sir,

15(To tell you true) but, you doe know, of late,

16The State hath tane such note of 'hem, and compell'd 'hem,

17To enter such great bonds, they dare not practice.


Fit. 'Tis true, and I lie fallow for't, the while!


Ing. O, Sir! you'll grow the richer for the rest.


Fit. hope I shall: but Ingine, you doe talke

21Somewhat too much, o' my courses. My Cloake-customer

22Could tell mee strange particulars.

Ing. By my meanes?


Fit. How should he haue 'hem else?

Ing. You do not know, Sr,

24What he has: and by what arts! A monei'd man, Sir,

Editor’s Note25And is as great with your Almanack-Men, as you are I

pg 186 26

Fit. That Gallant?

Ing. You make the other wait too long, here:

Critical Apparatus27And hee is extreme punctuall.

Fit. Is he a gallant?


Ing. Sir, you shall see: He'is in his riding suit,

29As hee comes now from Court. But heere him speake:

Critical Apparatus30Minister matter to him, and then tell mee.

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Critical Apparatus
i. vii. G continues the scene
Critical Apparatus
After 3 Exit Pug. | Re-enter Engine G
Critical Apparatus
9 businesses. F3: businesses: F: businesse: 1641
Editor’s Note
i. vii. 9. what is a Projector? Fully answered by T. Brugis in The Discovery of a Proiector. Shewing the beginning, progresse, and end of the Projector and his Projects, 1641. John Wilson's comedy The Projectors (1665) is a satire on the class: Sir Gudgeon Credulous is a 'Projecting Knight'—formerly 'A Mathematician, a Pol, a Star-gazer, a Quack, a Chaldean, a Schoolman, a Philosopher, an Asse, a broken Grammarian, and most abominable Poet, … now at last … a most confident, ignorant Projectour'. He has points of contact with Fitzdottrel.
Critical Apparatus
12 By] But 1641
Critical Apparatus
14 Sir,] Sir. F
Editor’s Note
25. Almanack-men. Such men as Bretnor and Gresham (i. ii. 1, 2).
Critical Apparatus
i. vii. 27 a om. F3
Critical Apparatus
30 Exeunt, add G
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