C. H. Herford, Percy Simpson, and Evelyn Simpson (eds), Ben Jonson, Vol. 11: Commentary; Jonson's Literary Record; Supplementary Notes; Index

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Charles Cavendish was buried at Bolsover in the Cavendish chantry, where his monument occupies the whole of the south wall. Jonson's verses are carved on three tablets at the top: the mathematical catalogue of the deceased's virtues is placed below, then the pg 140effigy, with Jonson's prose inscription underneath; and finally the effigy of Lady Katherine; last of all, on three tablets, are the names of the sons.

It is curious that the manuscript misdates this epitaph, giving 1618 for 1619.

8. To which, compared with which. Cf. E.M.I. iii. iii. 59.

10. nephewes, descendants (Lat. nepotes).

32–3. whowith hersonnes, haue. 'With' = 'and in addition', and the phrase is treated as a plural idea.

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