Thomas Willford

C. H. Herford, Percy Simpson, and Evelyn Simpson (eds), Ben Jonson, Vol. 11: Commentary; Jonson's Literary Record; Supplementary Notes; Index

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XI. THOMAS WILLFORDAN EPITAPHvpon the most learned Comedian and moderne Poet, Beniamin Johnson who left the Church and died Año Dom̃i M.D.CXXX.

  • 1HEre Johnson lies, who spent his days,
  • 2In making sport, and Comicke plays:
  • 3His life a Play, perform'd the worst,
  • 4The last Act did disgrace the first,
  • 5His part he plaid, exceeding well,
  • 6A Catholike; vntill he fell
  • 7To Sects and Schismes, which he did chuse,
  • 8Like to a fiction of his Muse.
  • 9He staid there 'till the Scene was past,
  • 10Without a Plaudit given at last:
  • 11So ill he plaid, the later part,
  • 12The Epilogue, did brake his heart.
  • 13When Death his bodie did surprise,
  • 14The Fatall Sisters clos'd his eyes,
  • pg 49415And tooke him to his tyring roome,
  • 16Where I will leave him to his doome;
  • 17But wish that I could iustly raise,
  • 18Memorialls of eternall praise.
  • 19But Ben, from whence thy mischiefe grew,
  • 20I mourne, but must not say, A due:

From Hyemall Pastimes, B.M. Add. MS. 5541, poems from 1630 to 1648, f. 98.

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