Charles Dickens

Madeline House and Graham Storey (eds), The British Academy/The Pilgrim Edition of the Letters of Charles Dickens, Vol. 1: 1820–1839

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MS Morgan Library. Date: CD's first sketch for the Carlton Chronicle appeared on 6 Aug 36. Address: John Macrone Esqre. | Saint James's Square.

Furnivals Inn. | Wednesday Morning

My dear Macrone.

The Carlton Chronicle1 has got a new Editor,2 who has applied to me to write a series of short sketches for it, which I have consented to do, once a fortnight, as they will be very short, and the terms long; the Carlton club being as liberal as need be. I make my first appearance next Saturday. The circulation I believe is a small one. So much the better—Fewer people will see the Sketches before they are collected. It is all among the nobs too—Better still. They'll buy the book.

What I want to consult you about is the title. As I have the Copyright of the Sketches, don't you think the following would be a good one, for our purpose?—


From an Unpublished Volume

By Boz

(which will be torn out, once a fortnight)3

Let me know.

Hansard's people don't exhaust themselves with work. I have only had 5 sheets4 altogether.5

  •                                                   Faithfully Yours
  • John Macrone Esqre                                  Charles Dickens

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Editor’s Note
1 The Carlton Chronicle and National Conservative Journal (previously known as Fraser's Literary Chronicle). It ran from 11 June 36 to 13 May 37.
Editor’s Note
2 Percival Weldon Banks (1805–50), who had edited Fraser's Literary Chronicle. Irishman, barrister, miscellaneous writer and bohemian; one of Maginn's closest colleagues on Fraser's Magazine. In Maclise's sketch "The Fraserians" (Fraser's, Jan 35), he sits between Thackeray and Southey. As "Morgan Rattler" and "An Apprentice of the Law" wrote nearly 50 articles and reviews for Fraser's on politics, literature, the theatre and music. He married Maclise's youngest sister Anna some time before July 37.
Editor’s Note
3 Only one new sketch by CD appeared under this title: "The Hospital Patient" (6 Aug). The next, "Hackney Cabs and their Drivers", was a revised version of "Some Account of an Omnibus Cad" (No. 6 of "Scenes and Characters", 1 Nov 35). For the Carlton Chronicle's later unauthorized printing of three of his sketches, see To Easthope, 1 Nov 36, fn.
Editor’s Note
4 i.e. 60 pages, about a ninth of the two vols.
Editor’s Note
5 Of the proofs of the second edn of Sketches, First Series, printed by Hansard. For T. C. Hansard, see Autumn 36, fn.
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