Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

The Complete Letters of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Vol. 2: 1721–1751

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To Wortley 12 Nov. [1740]

Nov. 12. N.S.

I receiv'd this morning Mr. Child's bill on Gott and How for 200. I intend not to take it up till I go to Leghorn, where I design to go to receive my things, which Mr. Man writes me word are daily expected. I shall set out for Naples on next Friday. I do not doubt liking the Situation, but by all the Information I can get, it will be every way improper for mypg 211 Residence, and I propose no longer stay there than is necessary to see what is curious. I have been very diligent in viewing every thing here, making no Acquaintance, that I might have no Interuption. Here is a statue of Antinous lately found,1 which is said to be equal to any in Rome, and is to be sold ; perhaps the Duke of Bedford might be glad to hear of it.2 I do not hear of one valuable Picture that is to be purchas'd.

It has been this last week as dark and rainy as ever I saw it in England.

Your Letter of Sept. 23rd came to me but this Day. I perceive Letters are stop'd and perus'd more carefully than ever, which hinders my writeing any of the Reports I hear; some of them are very extrodinary. The Emperor's Ambassador here has taken the character of the Queen of Bohemia's and as such presented his Credentials, which have been receiv'd.3

I wrote to you the last post very fully as to what concerns my Son. I intend to write again to my Daughter, thô I have had no answer to my last.

Text W MS i. 373–4

Address To Edwd Wortley Esqr in Cavendish Square London Angleterre

Postmark ROME NO 26

End. by W [Summary] Recd 26 Nov. Ad 28.

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Editor’s Note
1 Cardinal Alessandro Albani's excavation of Hadrian's villa at Tivoli, begun in 1738, yielded several important statues of Antinous (Lorentz Dietrichson, Antinoos: eine kunstarchäologische Untersuchung, 1884, p. 117).
Editor’s Note
2 John Russell (1710–71), 4th Duke, m. (1737) LM's niece Gertrude Leveson-Gower. He became a member of the Society of Dilettanti in 1742.
Editor’s Note
3 After Charles VI died, on 20 Oct. 1740, his daughter Maria Theresa succeeded not as Empress but as Queen of Hungary. Josef Count von Thun (d. 1763), who had been Imperial Ambassador since Dec. 1739, then terminated his appointment. But he was not appointed Austrian Ambassador to the Papacy until April 1743 (Repertorium, ii. 73, 255).
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