William Wordsworth

Ernest De Selincourt and Chester L. Shaver (eds), The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 1: The Early Years: 1787–1805 (Second Revised Edition)

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139. W. W. to MESSRS. BIGGS and COTTLE

  • Address: Messrs Biggs and Cottle | Printers | St Augustine's Back | Bristol
  • Postmark: 16 August 1800. Stamp: Keswick.
  • MS. Yale Univ. Lib. White(—), 12. CL(—), i. 617.

[Keswick, c. 13 Aug. 1800]

[Contains, in D. W.'s hand, the remainder of Ruth, the first nine lines of Lines Written with a Slate Pencil, Matthew, The Two April Mornings, The Fountain, Nutting, and Three Years She Grew. After Lines Written with a Slate Pencil she writes]

N.B. the rest of this poem to be found in the last-sent sheet. It is to be printed after Ruth.

[After Three Years She Grew W. W. writes]

The preface is not yet ready: I shall send it in a few days. I have written to Mr Longman requesting him to inform you whether he pg 293wishes to have the 1st Vol: sent up immediately before the preface is printed, which may with as much propriety be prefixed to the 2nd Vol:—The Title Page must stand thus

  • Lyrical Ballads
  • with other poems.
  • By. W. Wordsworth
  • Quam nihil ad genium, Papiniane, tuum
  • 2nd Edition—

[In a postscript either W. W. or S. T. C. writes]

Be careful to print the motto accurately—Quam nihil ad genium, Papiniane, tuum!


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