William Wordsworth

Ernest De Selincourt and Chester L. Shaver (eds), The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 1: The Early Years: 1787–1805 (Second Revised Edition)

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pg 341164. W. W. to R. W.

  • Address: Mr Wordsworth | Atty at Law | Staple Inn | London
  • Postmark: 24 November 1801.
  • Stamp: Keswick.
  • MS. WL. EL, 282.

[Grasmere, c. 21 Nov. 1801]1

My dear Brother,

I wrote to you some time ago about a box which I have never yet received. I suppose it is not sent off. Montague tells me he has a new suit of Clothes to send me, I have written to him to day to send the parcel to your Chambers; as soon as you receive it do be so good as send it off in a box with all the other things, my books &c &c. I earnestly beg this of you, put in also any clothes of your own which you may have done with, likewise a few quires of large copy writing paper, you will know what I mean, tis a coarse folio paper of the largest size, you Lawyers use much of it. This box would come much cheaper to me, if sent down to Beale's wharf to come by one of the Stockton Traders2 directed to Mr John Hutchinson Stockton, for Mr Wordsworth.

Will you be so good as to let us know what sum of money we have received from you since the beginning of December two years back. We wish to know exactly what we have spent during this time, we have an account of our own, but we are apprehensive of some mistake.

John told us he had made arrangements for Dorothys receiving 20£ yearly which was to be had from the India house in half yearly payments. She wishes that you would call for this money and send her down what must be due.

We are both pretty well in health though neither quite so well as we have been, Dorothy being subject to bilious sicknesses from time to time; and I having trouble [-tious] with some little touch of a sort [of fev]er I hope you continue well. What [shall I do a]bout writing to John? have you had any accounts about the ship?3

Now do not fail my dear Richard on any account to write to me: and send off the box &c &c.

I am your very affectionate Br

W. Wordsworth  

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Editor’s Note
1 This date is inferred from the postmark.
Editor’s Note
2 Coastal vessels plying between London and Stockton.
Editor’s Note
3 In her journal D. W. noted on 8 Dec.: 'Letter from Richard with news of John, dated 7th August.'
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