William Wordsworth

Ernest De Selincourt and Chester L. Shaver (eds), The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 1: The Early Years: 1787–1805 (Second Revised Edition)

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  • Address: Mr Cottle | Bookseller | No 5 Wine Street | Bristol
  • MS. Harvard Univ. Lib. ER(—), i. 318. CL, i. 412.

The following signed remark in W. W.'s hand is a parenthesis in a letter which S. T. C. wrote to Cottle, hoping Cottle would print 'some half dozen of our poems [Lyrical Ballads] in great paper, even as pg 220 … [Southey's] Joan of Arc … 18 lines in a page, the lines closely printed, certainly, more closely than those of the Joan—'

[Nether Stowey?] Monday Morning [4 June 1798]1

Oh by all means closer! W. Wordsworth

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Editor’s Note
1 In CL this letter is assigned to '28 May, immediately following Cottle's visit, or at latest … Monday, 4 June'. The latter date is probably the correct one. Cottle left Alfoxden and Stowey on a Wednesday after, he said, spending a week there. This Wednesday cannot have been 23 May, for on that day he would only have arrived if, as has been supposed, he accompanied W. W. from Bristol, where W. W. had been since Friday, 18 May; and W. W. cannot have left Bristol before Tuesday, 21 May since he could not have seen The Castle Spectre there (and according to Hazlitt he did) until the night before. Monday, 10 June is too late a date for this letter because S. T. C. went to Bristol then.
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