Thomas Ravenscroft

Frederick W. Sternfeld and David Greer (eds), English Madrigal Verse: 1588–1632 (Third Edition)

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Critical ApparatusxiOf Ale.—Thomas Ravenscroft

  • 1Chorus. Toss the pot, toss the pot, let us be merry,
  • 2And drink till our cheeks be as red as a cherry.
  • 3     We take no thought, we have no care,
  • 4     For still we spend and never spare
  • 5     Till of all money our purse is bare,
  • 6              We ever toss the pot.
  • 7                   Toss the pot, etc.
  • 8We drink, carouse with heart most free,
  • 9A hearty draught I drink to thee,
  • 10Then fill the pot again to me,
  • 11         And ever toss the pot.
  • 12              Toss the pot, etc.
  • 13And when our money is all spent,
  • 14Then sell our goods and spend our rent,
  • 15Or drink it up with one consent,
  • 16         And ever toss the pot.
  • 17              Toss the pot, etc.
  • pg 25218When all is gone, we have no more,
  • 19Then let us set it on the score,
  • 20Or chalk it up behind the door,
  • 21         And ever toss the pot.
  • 22              Toss the pot, etc.
  • 23And when our credit is all lost,
  • 24Then may we go and kiss the post,
  • 25And eat brown bread instead of roast,
  • 26         And ever toss the pot.
  • 27              Toss the pot, etc.
  • 28Let us conclude as we began,
  • 29And toss the pot from man to man,
  • 30And drink as much now as we can,
  • 31         And ever toss the pot.
  • 32Toss the pot, toss the pot, let us be merry,
  • 33And drink till our cheeks be as red as a cherry!

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Critical Apparatus
xi. Of Ale] Title supplied from table of contents.
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