Frederick W. Sternfeld and David Greer (eds), English Madrigal Verse: 1588–1632 (Third Edition)

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Editor’s Noteiii

  • 1I care not for these ladies
  • 2That must be wooed and prayed.
  • 3Give me kind Amaryllis,
  • 4The wanton country maid.
  • 5Nature Art disdaineth,
  • 6Her beauty is her own.
  • 7     Her when we court and kiss,
  • 8     She cries: forsooth, let go!
  • 9     But when we come where comfort is
  • 10     She never will say no.
  • 11If I love Amaryllis
  • 12She gives me fruit and flowers;
  • 13But if we love these ladies,
  • 14We must give golden showers.
  • 15Give them gold that sell love,
  • 16Give me the nut-brown lass,
  • 17     Who when we court and kiss,
  • 18     She cries: forsooth, let go!
  • 19     But when we come where comfort is
  • 20     She never will say no.
  • 21These ladies must have pillows,
  • 22And beds by strangers wrought.
  • 23Give me a bower of willows,
  • 24Of moss and leaves unbought,
  • 25And fresh Amaryllis,
  • 26With milk and honey fed,
  • 27     Who when we court and kiss,
  • 28     She cries: forsooth, let go!
  • 29     But when we come where comfort is
  • 30     She never will say no.

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Editor’s Note
iii. British Museum MS. Add. 24665, f. 8v.
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