Frederick W. Sternfeld and David Greer (eds), English Madrigal Verse: 1588–1632 (Third Edition)

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pg 662Editor’s Notexvi

  • 1Mistress, since you so much desire
  • 2To know the place of Cupid's fire,
  • 3In your fair shrine that flame doth rest,
  • 4Yet never harboured in your breast.
  • 5It bides not in your lips so sweet,
  • 6Nor where the rose and lilies meet,
  • Critical Apparatus7         But a little higher,
  • 8There, there, O there, lies Cupid's fire.
  • 9E'en in those starry piercing eyes,
  • 10There Cupid's sacred fire lies.
  • 11Those eyes I strive not to enjoy,
  • 12For they have power to destroy.
  • 13Nor woo I for a smile or kiss,
  • 14So meanly triumphs not my bliss.
  • 15         But a little higher
  • 16I climb to crown my chaste desire.

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Editor’s Note
xvi. Campian later composed an erotic parody of these words (c. 1618b, xxii).
Critical Apparatus
7–8] These lines are quoted in Marston's Eastward Ho, iii. ii (H. Harvey Wood, John Marston, iii, p. 118).
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