John Kerrigan (ed.), Motives of Woe: Shakespeare and 'Female Complaint': A Critical Anthology

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'A Carefull Nimph, with carelesse greefe opprest' 131
'A Cruell Tiger all with teeth bebled' 127
'Allas, I wooful creature' 93
'Als i me rode þis endre dai' 88
'Among the rest by Fortune overthrowen' 112
'Ariadne Deserted by Theseus …' 232
'As I went forth one Summers day' 135
'As late I lay within an Arbor sweete' 130
'As Musing I rang'd in the Meads all alone' 288
'As the weake chyld, that from the Mothers wing' 199
'Balade, Sayde by a Gentilwomman Whiche Loued a Man of Gret Estate, A' 93
'Beneath a spreading Willows shade' 277
Canticus Amoris 90
'Complaint, The' 280
'Complaint of a Woman Rauished, and also Mortally Wounded, The' 127
Complaint of Rosamond, The 165
'Complaint of the Absence of her Louer Being vpon the Sea' 126
Diseased Maiden Louer, The 135
Eloisa to Abelard 291
Epistle of Rosamond to King Henrie the Second, The 192
Epistle of Shores Wife to King Edward the Fourth, The 199
'Excellent Pastorall Dittie, An' 131
Five Love-Letters from a Nun to a Cavalier 240
'Forsaken Lady to her False Servant that is Disdained by his New Mistris, A' 230
'From off a hill whose concaue wombe reworded' 209
'How doeth the citie sit solitarie that was full of people?' 224
'How oft, ah wretch, hast thou profusely swore' 280
'If yet thine eyes (great Henry) may endure' 192
'In a tabernacle of a toure' 90
'In these deep solitudes and awful cells' 291
'It chaunced me on day beside the shore' 140
'Lamentations of Ieremiah, The, Chapter 1' 224
Louers Complaint, A 209
'Louing Lady Being Wounded in the Spring Time …, A' 128
Maids Complaint against the Batchelors: Or, An Easter-Offering for Young Men and Apprentices, The 274
'Melpomene, the muse of tragicke songes' 130
'My woofull hert thus clad in payn' 96
'Nigh seated where the Riuer flowes' 223
'Nimph Seluagia her Song, The' 133
'Nymph Complaining for the Death of her Faun, The' 235
'Oenones Complaint' 130
Of Quene Annelida and False Arcite 99
'O Happy dames, that may embrace' 126
'Oh my Inconsiderate, Improvident, and most unfortunate Love' 240
'O thou feirs god of armes Mars the rede' 99
'Out from the horror of infernall deepes' 165
'Paraphrase on Oenone to Paris, A' 260
'Poeme of a Mayde Forsaken, A' 130
pg 310'Poor Lost Serena, to Bemoan' 278
'Psalm 137. Super flumina' 223
'Reflection: A Song, The' 278
'Round, around about a wood as I walkt' 135
Ruines of Time, The 140
'Sapho to Phaon' 268
'Sheepheard, who can passe such wrong' 133
Shores Wife 112
'Show me the peece of needle worke you wrought' 228
'Song' 277
'Sorrowful Lamentation for the Loss of a Man and No Man, A' 288
'Theseus! O Theseus heark! but yet in vain' 232
'There is so great a difference betwixt the Love I write …' 242
'The Wailings of a Maiden I recite' 283
'The wanton Troopers riding by' 235
'Þis enþer day I mete a clerke' 89
'This tenth of March when Aries receyu'd' 128
'Though Grave People tell us that Modesty is the best Ornament' 274
'To thee, dear Paris, Lord of my Desires' 260
'Vnseene, vnknowne, I here alone complaine' 229
'Wednesday: Or, the Dumps' 283
'Were it that you so shun me 'cause you wish' 230
'What shall become of me?' 245
'What so men seyn' 95
'While Phaon to the Hot-house hies' 268
'Y louede a child of þis cuntre' 89
'Your Lieutenant tells me …' 247
'You will find, I hope, by the different Ayre …' 252
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