G. W. Pigman, III (ed.), A Hundreth Sundrie Flowres

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10P.B. to such as have heretofore found fault with Gascoignes Posies.

  • 1Gaynst good deserts, both pride and envie swell,
  • 2As neede repines, to see his neighbour ritche:
  • 3And slaunder chafes, where vertues prosper well,
  • 4As sicke men thinke, all others health to mitch:
  • 5Such filthie faultes, mens harts ofttymes inflame,
  • 6That spight presumes, to stayne the worthies name.
  • 7Are brutall things, transferred so to men?
  • 8Or men become more savage than the beast?
  • 9We see the dogge, that kenelles in his den,
  • 10(For onely foode) obeyes his Lordes behest:
  • 11Yea more than that, remembers so reliefe,
  • 12As (in his kinde) he mournes at masters griefe.
  • pg 37813If thou perceyve, whereto my tale intendes,
  • 14Then (slaunder) cease to wrong a frendly wight,
  • 15Who for his countreys good, his travayle spendes,
  • 16Sometime where blowes are given in bloudie fight:
  • 17And other tymes he frames with skilfull pen,
  • 18Such verse, as may content eche moulde of men.
  • 19As nowe beholde, he here presentes to thee,
  • 20The blossoms fayre, of three well sorted seedes.
  • 21The first he feynes, fresh Flowers for to bee:
  • 22The second Herbes, the last he termeth Weedes.
  • 23All these, the soyle of his well fallowed brayne,
  • 24(With Pallas droppes bedewde) yeeldes for thy gaine.
  • 25The Hearbes to grave conceyt, and skilfull age,
  • 26The fragrant Flowers to sent of yonger smell:
  • 27The worthlesse Weedes, to rule the wanton rage
  • 28Of recklesse heades, he gives: then use them well:
  • 29And gather (friend) but neyther spight nor spoyle,
  • 30These Posies made, by his long painfull toyle.

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