George Gascoigne

G. W. Pigman, III (ed.), A Hundreth Sundrie Flowres

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Editor’s NoteCritical ApparatusTo a Dame which challenged the aucthor bycause he held his head alwayes downe, and looked not uppon hir in his wonted wise.

  • 1You must not wonder, though you thinke it straunge,
  • 2To see me hold, my lowring head so lowe:
  • 3And that mine eyes, take no delight to raunge,
  • 4About the gleames, which on your face do growe.
  • Editor’s Note5The Mouse which once hath broken out of trappe,
  • 6Is seldome tysed with the trustlesse bayte:
  • 7But lieth aloofe, for feare of more mishappe,
  • 8And feedeth still in doubt of deepe disceipt.
  • 9The skorched flie, which once hath scapt the flame,
  • 10Will hardly come, to play againe with fire:
  • Editor’s Note11Wherby I learne, that grevous is the game,
  • Editor’s Note12Which followes fancie dazled by desire.
  • 13So that I wincke, or els hold downe my head,
  • 14Bycause your blazing eyes, my bale have bred.

Editor’s NoteCritical ApparatusSpræta tamen vivunt.

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Critical Apparatus
24.0.1–2 To … wise. ) To the same gentlewoman because she challenged the Aucthour for holding downe his head alwaies, and for that hee looked not uppon hir in wonted manner. 75
Editor’s Note
24. 0.1. To a Dame. In 75, 24 follows 12 and is addressed to the same woman; the change in position accounts for the change of the posy. The table of contents to 'Flowers' in 75 groups 1012 and 24 under the title, 'The lookes of a lover forsaken'.
Editor’s Note
24. 5–9. Theflie.. Gascoigne also couples the mouse and fly analogies at 149. 37–150. 4. See notes to 150. 3–4 (for the mouse) and S I. iii. 60–1 (for the fly).
Editor’s Note
24. 11. grevous is the game. See note to 188. 20.
Editor’s Note
24. 12. Which followes fancie dazled by desire. An inversion: 'fancie' is the subject of 'followes', not its object.
Critical Apparatus
14.1 Spræta tamen vivunt.] Si fortunatus infœlix. 75
Editor’s Note
24. 14. 1. Spræta tamen vivunt. See note to 23. 36. 1.
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