George Gascoigne

G. W. Pigman, III (ed.), A Hundreth Sundrie Flowres

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The order of the thirde dumbe shewe.

2Before the beginning of this .iii. Act did sound a very dolefull noise 3of cornettes, during the which there opened and appeared in the 4stage a great Gulfe, immediately came in .vi. gentlemen in their 5dublets and hose bringing upon their shulders baskets full of earth 6and threwe them into the Gulfe to fill it up, but it would not so 7close up nor be filled. Then came the ladyes and dames that stoode 8by, throwing in their cheynes and Jewels, so to cause it stoppe up 9and close it self, but when it would not so be filled, came in a 10knighte with his sword drawen, armed at all poyntes, who walking 11twise or thrise about it, and perusing it, seing that it would neither 12be filled with earth nor with their Jewels and ornamentes, after 13solempne reverence done to the gods, and curteous leave taken of 14the Ladyes and standers by, sodeinly lepte into the Gulfe the which 15did close up immediatly, betokening unto us the love that every 16worthy person oweth unto his native countrie, by the historye of 17Curtius, who for the lyke cause adventured the like in Rome. This 18done, blinde Tyresias the devine prophete led in by hys daughter, 19and conducted by Meneceus the sonne of Creon, entreth by the 20gates Electræ, and sayth as followeth.

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