Ernest De Selincourt (ed.), The Poetical Works of Edmund Spenser: In Three Volumes, Vol. 1: Spenser's Minor Poems

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A List of editions &c. of Spenser consulted in the preparation of this text, with the abbreviations by which they are referred to in the Introduction and Notes.

The Shepheardes Calender. 1579 [Bodleian copy,† 4° F. 2. Art. B. S.].

Q 1

The Shepheardes Calender. 1581.

Q 2

The Shepheardes Calender. 1586.

Q 3

The Shepheards Calender. 1591.

Q 4

The Shepheards Calendar. 1597.

Q 5

Complaints. 1591 [Bodleian copy,† Malone 617].


Huth copy

Huth Q

(Other copies consulted—those in the British Museum and the Rylands Library, Manchester, the Capell and Wright copies, Trinity College, Cambridge, and those in the private libraries of T. H. Wise, Esq., and H. Butler, Esq.)

Harleian MS. 6910 (British Museum). 1596.

Harl. MS.

MS. of Mother Hubberd's Tale referred to by Dr. Grosart.

G. MS.

Daphnaida. 1591 [Brit. Mus.† G. 11538].

Q 1

Daphnaida. 1596.

Q 2

Colin Clouts Come Home Again, &c. 1595 [Bodleian copy,† Malone 618].


The Phoenix Nest. 1593.


Amoretti and Epithalamion. 1595 [Bodleian copy,† Malone 346].


Fowre Hymnes. 1596 [Bodleian copy,† Malone 617].


Prothalamion. 1596 [Bodleian copy,† Malone 617].


Foure Letters, and Certaine Sonnets, &c. 1592 [Bodleian copy,† Tanner 744].

Nennio, Or a Treatise of Nobility, &c. 1595 [Brit. Mus.† 8407. d. 13].

Historie of George Castriot, &c. 1596 [Bodleian copy,† A.A. 37 Art. Seld.].


The Commonwealth and Government of Venice, &c. 1599 [Bodleian copy,† Radel, e. 19].


A Theatre of Worldlings, &c. 1569 [Bodleian copy,† Douce N. 36].

The Faerie Queen: The Shepheards Calendar: Together with the other Works of England's Arch-Poët Edm. Spenser. 1611.


The Works of Spenser. 1617.

F 2

The Shepheards Calendar &c., with Latin translation. 1653.

The Works of Spenser. 1679.

F 3

The Works of Spenser, ed. by Hughes, 6 vols., 1715.


The Works of Spenser, ed. by H. J. Todd, 8 vols., 1805.


The Works of Spenser, ed. by F. J. Child, 5 vols., 1855.


The Works of Spenser, ed. by J. P. Collier, 5 vols., 1862.


The Works of Spenser, ed. by R. Morris, Globe ed., 1 vol., 1869.


The Works of Spenser, ed. by A. B. Grosart, 8 vols., 1882–4.


The Poetical Works of Spenser, ed. by R. E. Neil Dodge, I vol. 1908.


These books are more fully described in the Introduction and Appendix II. The sign † indicates the copies from which my text has been printed.

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