William Wordsworth

Helen Darbishire and Ernest De Selincourt (eds), The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth, Vol. 3: Miscellaneous Sonnets; Memorials of Various Tours; Poems to National Independence and Liberty; The Egyptian Maid; The River Duddon Series; The White Doe and Other Narrative Poems; Ecclesiastical Sonnets (Second Edition)

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[Composed 1809.—Published October 26, 1809 (The Friend); 1815.]

  • 1Advance—come forth from thy Tyrolean ground,
  • 2Dear Liberty! stern Nymph of soul untamed;
  • Editor’s Note3Sweet Nymph, O rightly of the mountains named!
  • 4Through the long chain of Alps from mound to mound
  • 5And o'er the eternal snows, like Echo, bound;
  • 6Like Echo, when the hunter train at dawn
  • 7Have roused her from her sleep: and forest-lawn,
  • 8Cliffs, woods and caves, her viewless steps resound
  • 9And babble of her pastime!—On, dread Power!
  • 10With such invisible motion speed thy flight,
  • 11Through hanging clouds, from craggy height to height,
  • pg 13012Through the green vales and through the herdsman's bower—
  • 13That all the Alps may gladden in thy might,
  • 14Here, there, and in all places at one hour.

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Editor’s Note
p. 129. X. 3. Sweet Nymph, O rightly of the mountains named!] a reference to L'Allegro, 36, "The Mountain Nymph, sweet Liberty".
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