William Wordsworth

Helen Darbishire and Ernest De Selincourt (eds), The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth, Vol. 4: Evening Voluntaries; Itinerary Poems of 1833; Poems of Sentiment and Reflection; Sonnets Dedicated to Liberty and Order; Miscellaneous Poems; Inscriptions; Selections From Chaucer; Poems Referring to the Period of Old Age; Epitaphs and Elegiac Pieces; Ode-Intimations of Immortality (Second Edition)

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Critical ApparatusXVIIIisle of man

  • Critical Apparatus1Did pangs of grief for lenient time too keen,
  • Critical Apparatus2Grief that devouring waves had caused—or guilt
  • Critical Apparatus3Which they had witnessed, sway the man who built
  • 4This Homestead, placed where nothing could be seen,
  • Critical Apparatus5Nought heard, of ocean troubled or serene?
  • pg 34Critical Apparatus6A tired Ship-soldier on paternal land,
  • 7That o'er the channel holds august command,
  • Critical Apparatus8The dwelling raised,—a veteran Marine.
  • Critical Apparatus9He, in disgust, turned from the neighbouring sea
  • 10To shun the memory of a listless life
  • 11That hung between two callings. May no strife
  • 12More hurtful here beset him, doomed though free,
  • 13Self-doomed, to worse inaction, till his eye
  • 14Shrink from the daily sight of earth and sky!

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Critical Apparatus
XVIII. isle of man so 1837: the retired marine officer, isle of man 1835
Critical Apparatus
1 Did 1837: Not MS., 1835
Critical Apparatus
2 or 1837: nor MS., 1835
Critical Apparatus
3 sway 1837: swayed MS., 1835
Critical Apparatus
5 serene. MS., 1835
Critical Apparatus
6 A tired MS., 1835, 1845: No,—a 1837–43
Critical Apparatus
  •           —Fantastic slave of spleen
  • He sought by shunning thus the neighbouring sea
  • Refuge from memory
Critical Apparatus
9 He 1845: Who … 1835–43: The weary Man C
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