William A. Ringler, Jr. (ed.), The Poems of Sir Philip Sidney

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Critical Apparatus19

Editor’s Note1

[Philoclea]   My words, in hope to blaze my stedfast minde,

2This marble chose, as of like temper knowne:

3But loe, my words defaste, my fancies blinde,

Editor’s NoteCritical Apparatus4Blots to the stone, shame to my selfe I finde:

5  And witnesse am, how ill agree in one,

6  A woman's hand with constant marble stone.

pg 41

7  My words full weake, the marble full of might;

Editor’s Note8My words in store, the marble all alone;

9My words blacke inke, the marble kindly white;

10My words unseene, the marble still in sight,

11  May witnesse beare, how ill agree in one,

12  A woman's hand, with constant marble stone.

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Critical Apparatus
19. 9093, Cm (blank), OA.
Editor’s Note
1 blaze, emblazon, picture.
Critical Apparatus
4 shame] shames 93 St As Le Je, shame is Qu.
Editor’s Note
4 shame. Six of the eleven copyists were led by the preceding plural 'Blots' to write 'shames'.
Editor’s Note
8 store, plenty.
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