William A. Ringler, Jr. (ed.), The Poems of Sir Philip Sidney

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Critical ApparatusPsalm XXII

Deus Deus meus
  • 11 My God my God why hast Thou me forsaken?
  • Critical Apparatus2  Woe me, from me why is Thy presence taken?
  • 3  So farr from seing myne unhealthfull eyes,
  • 4  So farr from hearing to my roaring cryes.
  • 52 O God my God I cry while day appeareth;
  • 6  But God Thy eare my crying never heareth.
  • Editor’s NoteCritical Apparatus7  O God the night is privy to my plaint,
  • Critical Apparatus8  Yet to my plaint Thou hast not audience lent.
  • 93 But Thou art Holy and dost hold Thy dwelling
  • Editor’s NoteCritical Apparatus10  Where Israel Thy lawdes is ever telling;
  • Editor’s NoteCritical Apparatus114 Our Fathers still in thee their trust did beare,
  • 12  They trusted and by Thee deliverd were.
  • 135 They were set free when they upon Thee called,
  • 14  They hop'd on Thee, and they were not appalled.
  • pg 299156 But I a worm, not I of mankind am,
  • 16  Nay shame of men, the people's scorning game.
  • 177 The lookers now at me poore wretch be mocking,
  • 18  With mowes and nodds they stand about me flocking.
  • Critical Apparatus198 Let God help him (say they) whom he did trust;
  • Editor’s Note20  Let God save him, in whom was all his lust.
  • Critical Apparatus219 And yet ev'en from the womb thy self did'st take me;
  • Critical Apparatus22  At mother's breastes, thou didst good hope betake me.
  • 2310 No sooner my child eyes could look abroad,
  • 24  Than I was giv'en to Thee, Thou wert my God.
  • 2511 O be not farr, since pain so nearly presseth,
  • 26  And since there is not One, who it redresseth.
  • 2712 I am enclosed with young Bulls' madded route,
  • 28  Nay Basan mighty Bulls close me about.
  • Critical Apparatus2913 With gaping mouthes, these folks on me have charged,
  • 30  Like lions fierce, with roaring jawes enlarged.
  • 3114 On me all this, who do like water slide;
  • 32  Whose loosed bones quite out of joint be wryde;
  • Critical Apparatus33Whose heart with these huge flames, like wax o're heated,
  • 34  Doth melt away though it be inmost seated.
  • 3515 My moystning strength is like a potsherd dride,
  • 36  My cleaving tongue close to my roofe doth bide.
  • Critical Apparatus37And now am brought, alas, brought by Thy power
  • 38  Unto the dust of my death's running hower;
  • 3916 For bawling doggs have compast me about,
  • Critical Apparatus40  Yea worse than doggs, a naughty wicked rout.
  • 41My humble hands, my fainting feet they peirced;
  • Editor’s NoteCritical Apparatus4217 They look, they gaze, my boanes might be rehearsed;
  • 43  Of my poore weedes they do partition make
  • 4418 And do cast lots, who should my vesture take.
  • 4519 But be not farr O Lord, my strength, my comfort;
  • 46  Hasten to help me, in this deep discomfort.
  • 4720 Ah! from the sword yet save my vital sprite,
  • 48  My desolated life from dogged might.
  • Critical Apparatus4921 From lion's mouth O help, and shew to heare me
  • 50  By aiding when fierce unicorns come neare me.
  • 5122 To Brethren then I will declare Thy Fame,
  • pg 30052  And with these Words, when they meet, prayse Thy Name.
  • 5323 Who feare the lord all prayse and glory beare him;
  • Critical Apparatus54  You Isra'el's seed, you come of Jacob, feare him.
  • 5524 For he hath not abhorrd nor yet disdain'd
  • Critical Apparatus56  The seely wretch with foule affliction staind,
  • 5725 Nor hidd from him his face's faire appearing;
  • 58  But when he calld this lord did give him hearing.
  • 59  In congregation great I will prayse Thee,
  • 60  Who feare Thee shall my vowes performed see.
  • 6126 The' afflicted then shall eat, and be well pleased,
  • 62  And God shall be by those his seekers praysed.
  • 63  Indeed O you, you that be such of mind,
  • 64  You shall the life that ever liveth find.
  • Critical Apparatus6527 But what? I say from earth's remotest border
  • 66  Unto due thoughts mankind his thoughts shall order,
  • 67  And turn to God, and all the Nations be
  • 68  Made worshipers before Almighty Thee.
  • 6928 And reason, since the Croune to God pertaineth,
  • 70  And that by right upon all Realmes he raigneth.
  • 7129 They that be made even fatt, with earth's fatt good,
  • 72  shall feed and laud the giver of their food.
  • Editor’s NoteCritical Apparatus73To him shall kneel who to the dust be stricken,
  • 74  Even he whose life no help of man can quicken.
  • 75[30] As they so theirs, Him shall their ofspring serve,
  • 76And God shall them in his own court reserve.
  • 77[31] They shall to children's children make notorious
  • 78  His righteousness, and this his doing glorious.

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Critical Apparatus
22. Lines 1–36 wanting in K (torn).
Critical Apparatus
2 me from B.
Critical Apparatus
7–8 C and M contain unique revisions:
  • The night (O God) my Plainte haue wholie spent
  • yet to my Plainte thow hast no Audience lent C.
  • O God the night in moane to thee I spend
  • Yet to my moanc thou dost no audience lend. M.
Editor’s Note
7–8. The revisions in C and M eliminate the imperfect 'plaint—lent' rhyme.
Critical Apparatus
8 not] no A.
Critical Apparatus
10 lawdes is] lawcs are B.
Editor’s Note
10 lawdes. Geneva reads 'praises'.
Critical Apparatus
11 in] to B A. Woodford notes: 'in exp[unged].'
Editor’s Note
11 in. Geneva reads, 'Our fathers trusted in thee'.
Critical Apparatus
19 (say they)] they say, B.
Editor’s Note
20 lust, pleasure, delight.
Critical Apparatus
21 did'st] did B.
Critical Apparatus
22 breastes] breast B.
Critical Apparatus
29 mouthes, these] mouth those B.
Critical Apparatus
33 flames B.
Critical Apparatus
37 alas B.
Critical Apparatus
40 doggs B.
Critical Apparatus
42 look B.
gaze] gazed K.
Editor’s Note
42 rehearsed, enumerated.
Critical Apparatus
49 mouth] mouths B.
Critical Apparatus
54 Iacob B.
Critical Apparatus
56 staind. B.
Critical Apparatus
65 remotest] remoted'st K A.
Critical Apparatus
73–78 om.K F I X. K notes: '3 verses wanting'[i.e. verses 29–31 of the Psalter]. Woodford notes: 'Instead of the four last Verses it stood thus [Quotes 73–78]. But these six verses are scratched out as being two supernumerary, & in the margin is writen as I conceiue under Sr Philips oun hand, leaue space for this staff, viz ye staffe wch I haue set in ye text.' The Countess of Pembroke's revision appears in B, set in the text by Woodford, and in A J:
  • To him shall kneel even who to dust be stricken
  •  Even he whose life no help of man can quicken
  •  His service shall from child to child descend
  •  His Doomes one age shall to another send.
Editor’s Note
73–78. The Countess of Pembroke's revision, not made until after K F I X had been copied, eliminates Sidney's final half-stanza. Geneva reads: 'All they that be fat in the earth, shall eate and worship: all they that go downe into the dust, shall bow before him, even he that cann not quicken his owne soule. Their seede shall serve him: it shall be counted unto the Lord for a generation. They shall come, and shall declare his righteousnes unto a people that shall be borne, because he hath done it.'
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