William A. Ringler, Jr. (ed.), The Poems of Sir Philip Sidney

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Editor’s Note1

[Dorus] O sweet woods the delight of solitarines!

2O how much I do like your solitarines!

Critical Apparatus3Where man's mind hath a freed consideration

4Of goodnes to receive lovely direction.

Critical Apparatus5Where senses do behold th'order of heav'nly hoste,

6And wise thoughts do behold what the creator is:

7Contemplation here holdeth his only seate:

8Bownded with no limitts, borne with a wing of hope

9Clvmes even unto the starres, Nature is under it.

pg 69Critical Apparatus10Nought disturbs thy quiet, all to thy service yeeld,

11Each sight draws on a thought, thought mother of science,

12Sweet birds kindly do graunt harmony unto thee,

13Faire trees' shade is enough fortification,

Editor’s NoteCritical Apparatus14Nor danger to thy selfe if be not in thy selfe.

15O sweete woods the delight of solitarines !

Critical Apparatus16O how much I do like your solitarines!

Critical Apparatus17Here no treason is hidd, vailed in innocence,

18Nor envie's snaky ey, finds any harbor here,

19Nor flatterers' venomous insinuations,

Editor’s NoteCritical Apparatus20Nor conning humorists' puddled opinions,

Critical Apparatus21Nor courteous ruin of proffered usury,

22Nor time pratled away, cradle of ignorance,

Critical Apparatus23Nor causelesse duty, nor comber of arrogance,

24Nor trifling title of vanity dazleth us,

25Nor golden manacles, stand for a paradise,

Critical Apparatus26Here wrong's name is unheard: slander a monster is.

27Keepe thy sprite from abuse, here no abuse doth haunte.

28What man grafts in a tree dissimulation ?

29O sweete woods the delight of solitarines!

Critical Apparatus30O how well I do like your solitarines !

Critical Apparatus31Yet deare soile, if a soule closed in a mansion

Critical Apparatus32As sweete as violetts, faire as a lilly is,

Editor’s NoteCritical Apparatus33Streight as Cedar, a voice staines the Cannary birds,

Critical Apparatus34Whose shade safety doth hold, danger avoideth her:

Critical Apparatus35Such wisedome, that in her lives speculation:

36Such goodnes that in her simplicitie triumphs:

37Where envie's snaky ey, winketh or els dyeth,

Critical Apparatus38Slander wants a pretext, flattery gone beyond:

Critical Apparatus39Oh! if such a one have bent to a lonely life

Critical Apparatus40Her stepps, gladd we receave, gladd we receave her eys.

41  And thinke not she doth hurt our solitarines,

42  For such company decks such solitarines.

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Editor’s Note
1. Miss Wilson (Sidney, p. 314) says that this line is a translation of Giovanni della Casa's 'O dolce selva solitaria, amica'; but the idea is a common one.
Critical Apparatus
3 where 93.
Critical Apparatus
5 th'] the Bo Cl Le Da Ph Qu.
Critical Apparatus
10 yeeld] yeelds 93 Da Qu.
Critical Apparatus
14 if be] yf Cl, if it be Le Da Ph Qu.
Editor’s Note
14 if be not, i.e. 'if it be not'.
Critical Apparatus
16 I do] do I Cl Le Da Ph Qu.
Critical Apparatus
17 no] nor 93, not Bo.
innocence] Innocency Cl Le Da Ph Qu.
Critical Apparatus
20 conning] comming 93, Common Ph.
Editor’s Note
20 humorists' puddled opinions, the unclear notions of those whose humours, or vital spirits, are disturbed.
Critical Apparatus
21 ruin] Ruyning Cl Le.
Critical Apparatus
23 om. Cl Le.
arrogance] arrogancie Da Qu.
Critical Apparatus
30 I do] do I Cl Le Da Qu.
Critical Apparatus
31 if] of Ph Qu.
Critical Apparatus
32 a] om. 93 Qu.
Critical Apparatus
33 as] as a Cl Le Da Qu.
Editor’s Note
33 Cedar. Cf. OA 13. 140.
Critical Apparatus
34 safety] safely 93 St Da.
Critical Apparatus
35 om. Le.
Critical Apparatus
38 wants] wanteth Cl Le, watches Ph.
pretext] prelext 93.
Critical Apparatus
39 bent, … life, 93.
Critical Apparatus
40 stepps 93.
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