Helen Gardner (ed.), John Donne: The Elegies and The Songs and Sonnets

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pg 107Sonnet. The Token

  • Critical Apparatus1Send me some token, that my hope may live,
  • 2 Or that my easelesse thoughts may sleep and rest;
  • 3Send me some honey to make sweet my hive,
  • Critical Apparatus4  That in my passions I may hope the best.
  • Critical Apparatus5I beg noe ribbond wrought with thine owne hands,
  • 6  To knit our loves in the fantastick straine
  • 7Of new-toucht youth; nor Ring to shew the stands
  • 8  Of our affection, that as that's round and plaine,
  • Critical Apparatus9So should our loves meet in simplicity;
  • 10  No, nor the Coralls which thy wrist infold,
  • Critical Apparatus11Lac'd up together with congruity,
  • Critical Apparatus12  To shew our thoughts should rest in the same hold;
  • 13No, nor thy picture, though most gracious,
  • Critical Apparatus14  And most desir'd, because best like the best;
  • 15Nor witty Lines, which are most copious,
  • 16  Within the Writings which thou hast addrest.
  • Critical Apparatus17Send me nor this, nor that, t'increase my store,
  • 18But swear thou thinkst I love thee, and no more.

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Critical Apparatus
Sonnet. The Token. First printed in 1649. MSS.: O'F, S 96; B, Cy, HK 1, P. Title from 1649: Ad Lesbiam S 96.
Critical Apparatus
1 token O'F, S 96, B, HK 1: Tokens 1649, Cy, P
Critical Apparatus
4 passions] passion S 96, HK 1, Gr
Critical Apparatus
5 noe MSS.: nor 1649
Critical Apparatus
9 simplicity;] simplicity. 1649
Critical Apparatus
11 with O'F, S 96, B, HK 1: in 1649, Cy, P, Gr
Critical Apparatus
12 hold;] hold 1649
Critical Apparatus
14 desir'd, because best like the best O'F, S 96, B, HK 1: … because 'tis like … Cy, P: desired 'cause tis like thee best 1649
Critical Apparatus
17 store MSS.: score 1649
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