Helen Gardner (ed.), John Donne: The Elegies and The Songs and Sonnets

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  • 1Stay, O sweet, and do not rise,
  • 2The light that shines comes from thine eyes;
  • 3The day breaks not, it is my heart,
  • 4Because that you and I must part.
  • 5Stay, or else my joys will die,
  • 6And perish in their infancie.

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Critical Apparatus
Song. Printed in John Dowland's A Pilgrim's Solace, 1612, as the first stanza of a poem in two stanzas, and alone in Orlando Gibbons, Madrigals and Motets, 1612. It was printed as the first stanza of 'Break of Day' (p. 35) in 1669. It appears similarly placed in S 96, and in A 25 it is written in the margin against 'Break of Day' with a mark to show it should be the first stanza.
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