Shirley Strum Kenny (ed.), The Works of George Farquhar, Vol. 1

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ACT IV. [Scene i.]

scene Old Mirabel's House. Enter Old Mirabel and Dugard.

Dugard. The Lady Abbess is my Relation, and privy to the 2Plot: Your Son has been there, but had no admittance beyond Editor’s Note3the privilege of the Grate, and there my Sister refus'd to see pg 4434him. He went off more nettled at his repulse, than I thought 5his gayety cou'd admit.


Old Mirabel. Ay, Ay, this Nunnery will bring him about, I 7warrant ye.

Enter Duretete.

Duretete. Here, where are ye all?—O, Mr. Mirabel, you have 9done fine things for your Posterity—And you, Mr. Dugard, Critical Apparatus10may come to answer this—I come to demand my Friend at 11your Hands; restore him, Sir, or—(To Old Mirabel.)


Old Mirabel. Restore him! why d'ee think I have got him in 13my Trunk, or my Pocket?


Duretete. Sir, he's Mad, and you're the cause on't.


Old Mirabel. That may be; for I was as mad as he when I 16begat him.


Dugard. Mad, Sir; what de'e mean?


Duretete. What do you mean, Sir, by shutting up your Sister 19yonder, to talk like a Parrot thro a Cage?—Or a Decoy-Duck, 20to draw others into the Snare? Your Son, Sir, because she has 21deserted him, he has forsaken the World; and, in three Words, 22has—


Old Mirabel. Hang'd himself!


Duretete. The very same; turn'd Fryar.


Old Mirabel. You Lie, Sir, 'tis ten times worse. Bob turn'd 26Fryar!—Why shou'd the Fellow shave his foolish Crown, 27when the same Razor may cut his Throat?


Duretete. If you have any Command, or you any Interest 29over him, lose not a minute! He has thrown himself into the Critical Apparatus30next Monastery, and has order'd me to pay off his Servants, 31and discharge his Equipage.


Old Mirabel. Let me alone to Ferret him out; I'll Sacrifice 33the Abbot, if he receives him; I'll try whether the Spiritual or 34the Natural Father has the most right to the Child.—But, dear 35Captain, what has he done with his Estate?


Duretete. Settled it upon the Church, Sir.


Old Mirabel. The Church! Nay then the Devil won't get him 38out of their Clutches.—Ten Thousand Livres a Year upon the 39Church! 'tis downright Sacrilege.—Come Gentlemen, all 40hands to work; for half that Sum, one of these Monasteries 41shall protect you, a Traitor Subject from the Law, a 42Rebellious Wife from her Husband, and a Disobedient Son pg 44443from his own Father.


Dugard. But will you persuade me, that he's gone to a 45Monastery!

Critical Apparatus46

Duretete. Is your Sister gone to the Filles Repenties? I tell you, 47Sir, she's not fit for the Society of Repenting Maids.


Dugard. Why so, Sir?


Duretete. Because she's neither one, nor t'other; she's too old 50to be a Maid, and too young to Repent.

Exit, Dugard after him.

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Editor’s Note
3 the privilege of the Grate] that is, to speak through the grate.
Critical Apparatus
IV. i. 10 come to] O1; cometo
Critical Apparatus
30 into] O1; ⁓-|⁓
Critical Apparatus
IV. i. 46 Filles] O2; Fillies
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