Christopher Marlowe, Ovid [Publius Ovidius Naso]

Roma Gill (ed.), The Complete Works of Christopher Marlowe, Vol. 1: All Ovids Elegies, Lucans First Booke, Dido Queene of Carthage, Hero and Leander

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Ad amicam corruptam.
  • 1No love is so deere (quiverd Cupid flie)
  • 2That my chiefe wish should be so oft to die.
  • 3Minding thy fault, with death I wish to revill,
  • 4Alas a wench is a perpetuall evill.
  • 5No intercepted lines thy deedes display,
  • 6No gifts given secretly thy crime bewray.
  • 7O would my proofes as vaine might be withstood,
  • 8Aye me poore soule, why is my cause so good.
  • 9He's happy, that his love dares boldly credit,
  • 10To whom his wench can say, I never did it.
  • 11He's cruell, and too much his griefe doth favour
  • 12That seekes the conquest by her loose behaviour.
  • Editor’s NoteCritical Apparatus13Poore wretch I sawe when thou didst thinke I slumbred,
  • 14Not drunke, your faults in the spilt wine I numbred.
  • 15I sawe your nodding eye-browes much to speake,
  • 16Even from your cheekes parte of a voice did breake.
  • 17Not silent were thine eyes, the boord with wine
  • 18Was scribled, and thy fingers writ a line.
  • Editor’s NoteCritical Apparatus19I knew your speech (what do not lovers see?)
  • 20And words that seem'd for certaine markes to be.
  • 21Now many guests were gone, the feast being done,
  • 22The youthfull sort to divers pastimes runne.
  • 23I sawe you then unlawfull kisses joyne,
  • 24(Such with my tongue it likes me to purloyne).
  • 25None such the sister gives her brother grave,
  • 26But such kinde wenches let their lovers have.
  • 27Phoebus gave not Diana such tis thought,
  • 28But Venus often to her Mars such brought.
  • pg 4229What doest, I cryed transportst thou my delight?
  • 30My lordly hands Ile throwe upon my right.
  • 31Such blisse is onely common to us two,
  • 32In this sweete good, why hath a third to do?
  • 33This, and what grife inforc'd me say I say'd,
  • 34A scarlet blush her guilty face arayed.
  • 35Even such as by Aurora hath the skie,
  • 36Or maides that their betrothed husbands spie.
  • 37Such as a rose mixt with a lilly breedes,
  • 38Or when the Moone travailes with charmed steedes.
  • 39Or such, as least long yeares should turne the die,
  • Editor’s Note40Arachne staynes Assyrian ivory.
  • 41To these, or some of these like was her colour,
  • 42By chaunce her beauty never shined fuller.
  • 43She viewed the earth: the earth to viewe, beseem'd her
  • 44She looked sad: sad, comely I esteem'd her.
  • 45Even kembed as they were, her lockes to rend,
  • 46And scratch her faire soft cheekes I did intend.
  • 47Seeing her face, mine upreard armes discended,
  • 48With her owne armor was my wench defended.
  • 49I that ere-while was fierce, now humbly sue,
  • 50Least with worse kisses she should me indue.
  • 51She laught, and kissed so sweetly as might make
  • 52Wrath-kindled Jove away his thunder shake.
  • 53I grieve least others should such good perceive,
  • 54And wish hereby them all unknowne to leave.
  • 55Also much better were they then I tell,
  • 56And ever seemed as some new sweete befell.
  • 57Tis ill they pleas'd so much, for in my lips,
  • 58Lay her whole tongue hid, mine in hers she dips.
  • 59This grieves me not, no joyned kisses spent,
  • 60Bewaile I onely, though I them lament.
  • 61No where can they be taught but in the bed,
  • 62I know no maister of so great hire sped.

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Critical Apparatus
13 wretch] Dyce; wench Mason
Editor’s Note
13 Poore wretch I sawe] Ipse miser vidi.
Critical Apparatus
II. v 19 see?)] ⁓)?
Editor’s Note
19 I knew your speech (what do not lovers see?)] Sermonem agnovi (quid non videatur amanti?); modern texts have quod non videatur, agentem, without parentheses.
Editor’s Note
40 Arachne] Maeonis. Arachne was the daughter of a dyer, born in Maeonia, a country in Asia Minor. She was skilled in needlework, and challenged Minerva to a competition; when she lost, Arachne hung herself in despair. The goddess turned her into a spider.
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