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16371 January

355 *Love and Honour, on New-years night, sonday.

5 January

356 *The Elder Brother, on thursday the 5 Janua.

10 January

357 *The Kinge and no Kinge, on tusday ye 10 Janua.

12 January

358 *The Royal Slave, on thursday the 12 of Janu.—Oxford play, written by Cartwright. The king gave him forty pounds.

17 January

359 *Rollo, the 24 Janu.

31 January

360 *Julius Caesar, at St. James, the 31 Janu. 1636.

7 February

361 *Cupides Revenge, at St. James, by Beeston's boyes, the 7 Febru.

9 February

362 *A Wife for a Monthe, by the K. players, at St. James, the 9 Febru.

14 February

363 *Wit without Money, by the B. boyes at St. James, the 14 Feb.

pg 20117 February

364 *The Governor, by the K. players, at St. James, the 17 Febru. 1636.

21 February

365 *Philaster, by the K. players, at St. James, shrovtusday, the 21 Febru. 1636.

23 February

366 *On Thursday morning 23d feb: 1636 The Bill of the Plague made the number at 44 upon which decrease the king gave the players ther liberty & they began 24 feb: 1636

The plague increasinge the players laye still until the 2 of Oct. 1637 when they had leave to play

367 *Mr. Beeston was commanded to make a company of boyes, and began to play at the Cockpitt with them the same day.

I disposed of Perkins, Sumner, Sherlock and Turner, to Salisbury Court, and joynd them with the best of that company.

21 May

368 (Coventry) … to them that had a shew vnder the Maister of the Revelles seale the 21th of May, 6s 8d

2 October

(see above, under 23 Feb.)

4 November

369 *A license for six months granted to Lazaras, an Italian, to shew his brother Baptista, that grows out of his navell, and carryes him at his pg 202syde. In confirmation of his Majesty's warrant, granted unto him to make publique shewe. Dated the 4. Novemb. 1637.

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Editor’s Note
355. Ibid. By William Davenant. See above, 305.
Editor’s Note
356. Ibid. By John Fletcher. Bentley, iii. 332–6.
Editor’s Note
357. Malone, iii. 239. By Beaumont and Fletcher. Bentley, i. 51.
Editor’s Note
358. Malone, iii. 239. Bentley, iii. 134–41. Performed by the King's company at Hampton Court.
Editor’s Note
359. Malone, iii. 239. Rollo, Duke of Normandy, or the Bloody Brother, by Fletcher and others. Bentley, iii. 401–7. Herbert or Malone made a mistake with the date; in the list of court performances 1636–7 submitted by the King's company as part of the revels accounts, it is made clear that Rollo was performed on 17 Jan., Hamlet on 24 Jan. (Adams, 76, from PRO AO3/908/22).
Editor’s Note
360. Malone, iii. 239.
Editor’s Note
361. Ibid. By Beaumont and Fletcher. Bentley, i. 324–5.
Editor’s Note
362. Malone, iii. 239. By Fletcher. See above, 102.
Editor’s Note
363. Malone, iii. 239. By Fletcher. Cf. 361 above.
Editor’s Note
364. Ibid. Possibly by Sir Cornelius Formido; see Bentley, iii. 464–8. In the list of court performances referred to above (359), 'the Governour' is assigned to 16 Feb.
Editor’s Note
365. Malone, iii. 239.
Editor’s Note
366. Ord HP3, 127; also Malone, iii. 239. The theatres opened on 24 Feb., but the number of plague victims went up again, and they were closed on 1 Mar., not reopening until Oct. (Bentley, ii. 662).
Editor’s Note
367. Malone, iii. 240. Bentley, i. 237–40, 324–6.
Editor’s Note
368. Coventry, 440; also in Murray, 253.
Editor’s Note
369. Malone, xiv. 368 (not in Adams); also incomplete version in Ord HP2, reading 'consideration' for 'confirmation'. Lazarus and Baptista Colloretti, or Colloredo, were Siamese twins from Genoa. Martin Parker's ballad about them, 'The Two Inseparable Brothers', is repr. by Hyder Rollins, The Pack of Autolycus (Cambridge, Mass., 1927), 10–14. Rollins also assembles a number of seventeenth-century allusions to them (ibid. 7–9, 237). They appeared at Norwich in Mar. 1638 and Dec. 1639 (Norwich, 227 and 233), and at Aberdeen in 1642 (see Introduction, 81).
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