Charles Dickens

Graham Storey (ed.), The British Academy/The Pilgrim Edition of the Letters of Charles Dickens, Vol. 11: 1865–1867

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Extract in F, viii, vii, 710. Date: 28 Sep 67, according to Forster.

As I telegraphed after I saw you, I am off to Ross5 to consult with Mr. Forster and Dolby together.6 You shall hear, either on Monday, or by Monday's post from London, how I decide finally.

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Editor’s Note
5 Dolby's home in Ashfield, part of Ross, Herefordshire.
Editor’s Note
6 After Dolby's first interview with Forster, who made clear his hostility to the whole plan, he sent CD the following telegram: "I can make nothing of Forster; he is utterly unreasonable and impracticable. Come down here and stay at my house, and we will tackle him together" (Dolby, CD as I Knew him, p. 138).
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