William Wordsworth

Ernest De Selincourt, Alan G. Hill, and Mary Moorman (eds), The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 3: The Middle Years: Part II: 1812–1820 (Second Revised Edition)

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365. W. W. to MESSRS. LONGMAN & CO.

  • Address: Messrs Longman and Co, Paternoster Row, London.
  • Postmark: 4 o'clock 10 May 1815 Ev. Py Post Marchmont St. Unpaid.
  • MS. Bodleian Library.
  • MY ii. 528, p. 667.

  • 24 Edward Street
  • Cavendish Sqre
  • [10 May 1815]

Dear Sirs,

Being called suddenly to Town I left the Correction of the Press, of the prose part of the White Doe (the poetry had been printed off) to Mr Ballantyne; and I hope that you will hear shortly that the work is finished—

I have brought with me the first Vol: of three Sets of my poems1 to have the error rectified in putting the work into Boards. I wish you to be so kind as to send me three first Volumes in a correct state, and these shall be returned by the Bearer.

The Letter forwarded to me by you was to inquire whether I purposed to print an Octvo Edition of the Excursion.2 Many applications to the same effect have been made to me from different Quarters; and I wish to know whether the Sale goes in such a way as to afford a hope that the wishes of these persons may be gratified—

I shall do myself the pleasure of calling upon you as soon as my numerous engagements in this quarter of the Town will allow

  • I am dear Sirs                  
  • Your obedient servant      
  • W. Wordsworth   

pg 237I should be glad to learn that the deplorable mistake in putting the work into Boards has been rectified.—

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Editor’s Note
1 i.e. Poems, including Lyrical Ballads, etc., two vols., 1815.
Editor’s Note
2 This did not appear until 1820.
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