Frances [Fanny] Burney [D'Arblay]

The Journals and Letters of Fanny Burney (Madame d'Arblay), Vol. 7: 1812–1814: Letters 632–834

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819[63 Lower Sloane Street, pre 4 September 1814]To Mrs. Waddington

A.N. (Berg), n.d.

Single sheet 4to cut down to 4.6″ 2 pp.

I was preparing to come to you my dearest Mary—with Alexander, who was to deposit me in his way to his private pg 455Tutor—& I should have awaited his return for me—but I must yield to your fears—though I truly believe a conference & meeting such as ours—each on our guard—could only soothe, not agitate your too too tender feelings. I relinquish painfully the beautiful though inadequate portrait, & I embrace my sweet lovely Emily with fond affection—pray let me know when you are informed whether dear Fanny has seen M. d'A.1 Let my bright Augusta | continue the correspondence she has so wonderfully well begun, when the loved Mother, & elder2 are indisposed—but fail not to let me hear as soon as is possible how you All arrive at Lanover which I really & most sincerely grieve to be unable to inhabit with you at this quiet & therefore favourite period—& Alex is quite melancholy at the impossi-bility & wants me to take a Cottage in your neighbourhood for the last month of his vacation—

Adieu adieu adieu—My letters will always be safe here—& hence follow me—

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Editor’s Note
819. 1 Frances Waddington and her father went to France soon after 25 July (L. 807), returning to Wales in mid-September (L. 827).
Editor’s Note
2 Since Frances Waddington was now in Paris, FBA could justly allude to Emelia as the 'elder' of Mrs. Waddington's daughters (L. 636 n. 1).
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